Get Creative with the #52CraftyWeeks Series

What better way to welcome 2017 that by committing to getting more creative with your kids? Join us for the next

52 Crafty Weeks  with ArtsyCraftsyMom


What is the ‘#52CraftyWeeks’ Series about? 52craftyweeks

It’s so simple, every week we will explore a new material/ technique each week and share crafts that use the material of the week. Throughout that week we will be sharing a lot of crafts from our Blog & from other creative crafters on our facebook page, see the above year at a glance.

I will be sharing a new Craft Theme every Sunday.

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I will send out a brief email every Sunday with the theme of the week, Event links and share our favorite ideas from the previous week.

How can you play along? 

Throughout the week you can upload and share your picture(s) over on Instagram and/or Facebook. Simply tag your photographs #52craftyweeks so that myself and others who are playing along can see your photos too!  Make sure your posts are public or better still directly upload your photo to our Event Page.

Adding the Instagram tag @artsycraftsymom will help me see and feature your pictures on my social media channels.

What happens if I forget and miss a week … or 4? 

Absolutely no problem. You can start up again and continue on whenever you like. Of course, you can also play catch up if life allows it.

As the week progress, I will be adding the links to the event page, my pinterest board with a lot of ideas on that theme for you to explore and some of the crafts from my blog too.


Week 1 – Foam Crafts

Craft foam is easy to cut, stick and even sew. It’s great for adding colour to all kinds of projects – from constructing 3D models to making collages.

Foam is available in all craft shops in forms like – thin foam sheets, to brightly coloured foam shapes, letters and numbers. You could also use foam stickers.

Be Inspired – Foam Crafts on Pinterest

Foam Crafts from our blog –

Here are some fabulous Foam craft ideas that we shared over at Facebook

foam crafts 2


Week 2 – Cardboard Box

What do we do with all of the packaging cardboard boxes that’s lying around our homes? – A lot!!

Cardboard can be bent, cut, painted, wrapped, and configured in almost any way you can imagine. And, as you will see, upcycled cardboard doesn’t have to remain in the realm of kids’ play forts or drab storage containers.

  1. Who’d think that this lovely wall hanging was made from matchboxes? This video from Home bliss is a great example of reusing and upcycling!
  3. Make your own play kitchen with an empty cardboard box – just add paper plates for burners! Craft from OHbaby!
  4. Wow, they really got fancy with these cardboard forts!
  5. This cardboard box fireplace is seriously, seriously cute!! And there’s someone coming down it too! Get the full tutorial from
  6. Got a cardboard box and some straws? Then there’s nothing stopping you from making this awesome marble maze!
  7. If you’ve got a few small cardboard boxes on hand, then you might like making this United Nations Headquarters model. All you need are the boxes and basic craft supplies!

Here are some fabulous Cardboard Box craft ideas that we shared over at Facebook

cardboard box crafts


Week 3 – Shell Crafts

After a trip to the shore, why not turn seaside treasures into keepsakes and accents for your home?

We have a big stash of shells but haven’t really explored this craft material much.

Here are some fabulous shell craft ideas that we shared over at Facebook

shell craft


Week 4 – Paper Collage

Paper collage is a technique of an art production where the artwork is created using an assemblage of different forms and shapes using paper.


paper collages


Week 5 – Chalk Markers

These easy-to-use, water-based liquid chalk markers are an innovative alternative to traditional chalk. They have hi-opaque, pigmented inks that are lightfast & odorless.

Use them on any non-porous surface like chalkboards, windows, mirrors, dry erase boards, light boards, windshields and ceramics or as permanent color on wood and other porous surfaces.

They draw and write very smoothly, dry quickly and they wipe off in a cinch. Simple to use for writing messages to your friends and family, advertising specials and even marketing new products or events at restaurants and retail shops.

Here are some fabulous Chalk Marker craft ideas that we shared over at Facebook

chalk marker craft