Snake Sock Puppet

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We had a crazy puppet mania at home for artsy-craftsy this month. I could click the pics just today.
Here’s an easy way to make a sock puppet. Lil P lovesssssssssssssss it!!

Snake sock puppet
You will need
  1. An old dark colored sock.
  2. Red card paper
  3. Glue
  4. White card sheet &
  5. A black pen


Cut an M from the red card sheet for the fangs. Stick it on as shown.
Paste the 2 eyes and your friendly snake is ready to play.
Lil p’s friend was initally scared of it .. n lil p said.. don’t be scared. This is a good snake. It won’t bite.. only gives kissie.. n proceeded to fondle his cheek with the puppet. 🙂 I’m sure ur kid will love it too!!
We made 1 for each of the kid in our building. 5 year olds could make it all on their own.
Lil p has now placed the sock back in her daddy’s cupboard ( fangs et. all)  😉 waiting for the fun tomorrow.


You can try other sock puppets like these.
158048 main Full
2009 09 Hand Puppets
We also made a few spoon puppets inspired by art’s idea.

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  1. How did you glue the tongue on? It says glue tongue on as shown- I can’t see where it shows us the glueing. Thanks :_

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      Yikes! this was a really old post when I didn’t really notice that the instructions were vague.

      So what you need to do is,
      1. Slide the sock over your hand completely.
      2. Hold your hand in this position while holding the closed end of the sock in grip.
      3. Stick the tongue between the folds of the sock. [Also recommended to add a small stitch at both ends of the “mouth”