US Presidents Fact Sheets


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Children can research each President, then use a pencil or marker to complete each page. These pages could be made into a book when finished or even laminated and then held together with a ring binder in the corner so that future presidents can be added.

  1. Joe Biden Worksheet
  2. Donald Trump Worksheet
  3. Barack Obama Worksheet
  4. George W. Bush Worksheet
  5. Abraham Lincoln Worksheet
  6. Andrew Johnson Worksheet
  7. Ulysses S Grant Worksheet
  8. Rutherford B Hayes Worksheet
  9. James Garfield Worksheet
  10. Ronald Reagan Worksheet

Each sheet has placeholders to know more about each president

  • Term Served / Serving
  • Party they are from
  • Birth and Death
  • Early Life
  • First lady, Vice President 
  • Presidential Achievements – What do they believe are the best things that each President achieved while they were in office?