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If you want to add creativity to your kids’ life, access fun crafts with printable templates, and join a community that supports you every step of the way, you’re going to LOVE Club Artsy Craftsy!  

Whether you're looking for inspiration, need a little help with your child's school project, want to share what your child has made - or want a little sneak peek at what's coming soon - CLUB ARTSY CRAFTSY is the place to be.


With a monthly holiday list,  planner  and printables, you can plan lots of activities at home, fostering creativity with fun!. Enjoy our monthly themed bundles from the comfort of your own home.
At Club Artsy-Craftsy, we curate the content for you so you can simply select each activity at a time that suits you.


Get an access to a library of all our free printable templates. Lots of fun and unique craft ideas, and learning resources for little ones, with new pdfs added regularly.
*Our Lifetime & Yearly members get free access to all our digital paid products.


Join a positive and inclusive community of creative, Artsy-Craftsy parents from all over the world. There are multiple forums & groups where you can chat with the Artsy-Craftsy Team and other fellow parents, teachers and art enthusiasts.


The Club ArtsyCraftsy subscription with provides you an Ad-Free experience across all our site for your account. 
The benefits of the Ad-Free subscription will allow you to focus on what's important without the distraction of intrusive ads and also speeding up the experience by removing the need for our site to load ads. 


Every month there will be a new challenge. Get a chance to win goodies + show off your child’s talent. Upload your crafty creations in the member forums and there are lots of prizes to be won!


Get first access to new courses, workshops, lessons, printable templates, and more. A new bundle will be added each month. There will be one artist feature with ideas & templates, some holiday crafts that you can celebrate that month, more freebies, new video and a monthly craft calendar.

Select A Plan that’s right for you

Choose the products and plans that work for you. Our pricing is flexible so you can get-and pay for exactly what you need.

Monthly Plan

$ 9.99 Per month
  • Billed Monthly (Auto renews)
  • Ad Free Viewing when logged in
  • Access all printable templates at one central location - Private briefcase
  • Access to Community - Groups & Forums
  • New Digital Craft Bundle every month- Contains a planner + lots of art & craft ideas & printables
  • Exclusive Monthly Member Rewards
  • Cancel anytime.

Yearly Plan

$ 99 Per year
  • Billed Yearly- Get 2 month free
  • Ad-Free Viewing when logged in
  • One Year Access to current & future digital products from our shop. Download for freeas long as membership is active.
  • Access to Community - Groups & Forums
  • Get access to Current & New Digital Craft Bundle for a whole year
  • Exclusive Annual Member Rewards
  • Cancel anytime

Lifetime Membership

$ 399 One-time payment
  • Onetime payment. Lifetime Free
  • Ad Free Viewing when logged in
  • Lifetime access to current & future digital products from our shop. Download for free.
  • Access to community - Groups & Forums
  • Lifetime access to current & future monthly bundles - Monthly holiday planner + lots of ideas & printables
  • Help shape the future of this membership

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The Club Artsy-Craftsy membership is like getting a new “ebook” of activity plans every month. It brings you seasonal activities from several places: brand new printables, classic activities already on the website, and even featured activities from our members. The activities are designed for ages 3 to 14 years old, with variations offered for each activity.

MEmber exclusive printables from our bundles

For a very long time, most content on ArtsyCraftsyMom has been free and I have been earning through ads while keeping content accessible to all. I’m offering this Membership that provides much-needed financial support for me to keep creating new crafts, templates, and videos, and maybe even hire a full-time team member.  In exchange, you will receive certain perks, such as exclusive uploads, early access to new work, ad-free content, and the ability to give suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Club Artsy-Craftsy is a membership site where you are given access to a portal where your monthly bundles are made available as PDFs.  You choose to pay month or annually.

Since you would be among the first to join our club, I’m hoping we could be partners more than customers. I’m open to feedback and ideas to best serve you in the future. 

Club Artsy-Craftsy is aimed at Parents, Grandparents, Teachers & Caretakers to have a space to interact with each other and to have a central place to access mom-tested monthly art & craft plan & ideas which they can then use at home or in a classroom. 

We don’t discourage kids from joining but advice parental supervision at all times. 

The products are created for preschoolers through tweens. Younger and older children can join in for the art fun, but we had kids aged 3 through 10 in mind when creating many of the activities and videos. That said, there will be some activities that are better suited to older children and some that will appeal more to younger ones.

There will be a materials list for each activity, so you and your children can identify the materials you need ahead of time. Some activities, may call for materials that you don’t already have on hand. In that case you can choose to buy them, use an alternative, or find another activity from the ArtsyCraftsy blog. All materials should be easy to find at a local supermarket or craft shop. Do ask a question in the group / forum and our team will surely help you out with alternates. 

It depends on the activity, the child, and the family! 

The crafts featured on the blog + included in the monthly bundle need adult supervision – especially printing, cutting. You could also do some of the activities together with your child the first time (an excellent way to connect through creativity!) and then let them explore the activity on their own in the future, once they have the knowledge and confidence from trying it once.

You can email Shruti – [email protected] and she will try her best to answer all your queries. 

Or use our Chat option.