500+ Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids to celebrate in 2023!

500+ fun holiday crafts for kids to try in 2023 & 2024. Celebrate fun & whacky holidays year-round with our easy-to-follow craft ideas for children aged 5-14.

Holiday activities are some of my favorites on the website. They include crafts to help you decorate, games to help you celebrate, worksheets to challenge your mind, cards to share with loved ones, oodles of pages to color, and lots of fun stuff to do.

500+ fun holiday crafts for kids to try in 2023. Celebrate fun & whacky holidays year-round with our easy-to-follow craft ideas for children aged 5-14.

500+ Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids to Celebrate- From January to December!

Are you looking for a creative way to celebrate holidays and special occasions with your little ones? Welcome to our amazing collection of 500+ Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids! As a mom or teacher, you know how important it is to create memories and share special moments with your kids. That’s why we’ve put together a collection of crafts that are not only fun but also educational, covering holidays and celebrations from January to December.

From Valentine’s Day to Christmas, Halloween to Easter, and all the special days in between, our collection has a craft for every occasion. Plus, with easy-to-follow instructions and common household materials, you and your kids can start crafting right away, without any hassle!

Our collection is designed with busy moms and teachers in mind, and it’s suitable for kids of all ages, from preschoolers to tweens. Each craft comes with step-by-step instructions, high-quality images, and a list of required materials, so you can make the most of your crafting time with your little ones.

Whether you’re a mom who wants to spend quality time with her children, or a teacher looking for fun and educational activities for your students, our collection has everything you need. Discover the joy of crafting with your kids and celebrate every holiday and special occasion with a unique and exciting project. Browse our collection today and start creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids To Make it In January 2024

Here is a list of seasonal arts, crafts, activities, ideas, and more for January. Use the art / Craft ideas to help plan your lessons for the month. Winter Art and craft Ideas are popular. So are other holidays Like the New Year, Sankranti, International Lego Day Etc.

Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids for the month of January | The Best January Crafts and Activities


January 1 New Year
World Day of Peace
Saint Basil’s Day(Eastern Churches)
January 2 Happy Mew Year for Cats Day
National Motivation and Inspiration Day
Saint Basil’s Day(Western Churches)
January 3 Drinking Straw Day       
January 4 National Spaghetti Day
National Trivia Day
Free Flower Basket Day 
January 5 National Bird Day      
January 6 Apple Tree Day
Three Kings Day 
January 7 Old Rock Day       
January 8        
January 9 Apricot day       
January 10 Houseplant Appreciation Day      
January 11 Eagles Day 
Milk Day 
Learn Your Name in Morse Code
January 12        
January 13 Lohri 
Sticker Day 
Make Your Dream Come True Day
National Baby Yoda day
January 14 Pongal / Sankranti
Organize your home day 
Kite Day 
Saint Basil’s Day(in churches that follow the Julian calendar)
January 15 National Hat Day
Bagel Day 
Strawberry Icecream day
Martin Luther King Day(third Monday of January)
January 16 Appreciate a Dragon Day 
January 17 Benjamin Franklin Day      
January 18 Winnie the Pooh Day
World Day of the Snowman
January 19 National Popcorn Day
National Tin Can Day
Paul Cezanne‘s Birth Anniversary
Tulip Day 
January 20 Penguin awareness day
Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti
January 21 Squirrel Appreciation Day       
January 22 National Polka Dot day      
January 23 National Pie Day      
January 24 Peanut Butter Day      
January 25        
January 26 India Republic day
Australia Day
January 27 Chocolate Cake Day
Jackson Pollock‘s Birth Anniversary 
January 28 Rattlesnake 
International Lego day 
National Daisy Day
National Kazoo Day
Pop Art Day
January 29 National Puzzle Day
Corn Chip Day
Freethinkers Day ( White Rose)
Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day – last Monday of the month
January 30 Croissant Day 
National Draw A Dinosaur Day
January 31 Zebra Day 
Inspire Your Heart with Art Day


Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids To Make In February 

Here’s a list of seasonal arts, crafts, activities, ideas, and more for the month of February. It’s the Month of Love and we have lots of Valentine’s Day Crafts for you. Also, some more fun holidays like Chinese New Year, Groundhog Day, Polar Bear day, etc.

Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids for February | Art and Craft Activities for the month of February

February 1 Serpent Day
Decorating with Candy Day
February 2 Groundhog day 
Hedgehog Day 
Marmot Day
Candlemas Day
February 3 American Painters Day
Elmo’s Birthday
National Bubble Gum Day
Artist Norman Rockwell’s Birthday
February 4 Farmer’s Day (China & Vietnam) 
Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day – first Saturday
February 5 Floating Lanterns Festival
Thaipusam (Lord Murugan)
Western Monarch Day 
February 6 Waitangi Day (New Zealand)    
February 7 Send a Card to a Friend Day 
Rose Day
February 8 Kite Flying Day     
February 9 National Pizza Day    
February 10 Umbrella Day
Korean New Year / Seollal 2024
Chinese New Year 2024
Sonam Lhosar / Tibetan New Year. 
Tet Eve in Vietnam, or Vietnamese Lunar New Year,
February 11 Make a Friend Day
National Foundation Day (Japan Kenkokukinen-no-Hi)
February 12 Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday    
February 13 Galentine’s Day     
February 14 Valentine’s day 
Ferris Wheel Day
International Book Giving Day
Vasanth Panchami/ Sarasvati Puja 2024
February 15 Hippo day     
February 16      
February 17 Random Acts of Kindness Day
Brazil Carnival
February 18 Shivratri
World Pangolin Day
February 19 Shivaji Jayanti
World Whale Day  (Third Saturday in February)
February 20 National Muffin Day 
President’s Day – the third Monday of the month
February 21  Mardi Gras  
February 22 National Wildlife Day ( Steve Irving) 

George Washington’s Birthday 
Pinocchio Day

February 23      
February 24      
February 25 Pierre Auguste Renoir     
February 26 Carnival Day
National Pistachio Day
Tell a Fairy Tale Day
February 27 Polar Bear Day 
National Pokemon Day
February 28 National Tooth Fairy Day  and/or August 22    


Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids To Make In March

Here’s a list of seasonal arts, crafts, activities, ideas, and more for the month of March. Celebrate Spring, St Patricks Day,  Dr. Seuss’s birthday & more.

Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids to make in March| Art and Craft Activities for the month of March

March 1 Horse Protection day
Pig day 
March 2 Dr. Seuss Day / Read Across America Day      
March 3  Japan Dolls Festival (Hinamatsuri),
World Wildlife Day
March 4 Festival of Owls      
March 5 Sea Week – March 5 to 13 in New Zealand.       
March 6 Michelangelo’s Birth Anniversary
March 7 Piet Mondrian’s Birth Anniversary      
March 8 Women’s Day 
March 9 Barbie Day 
Popcorn Lover’s Day – second Thursday 
March 10 Super Mario Day      
March 11        
March 12 Plant a Flower Day
Elaine de Kooning’s Birthday
Aztec New Year in Mexico
March 13 Jewel Day
National Button Week (March 13-20)
March 14 National Pi Day
Learn About Butterflies Day 
Save a spider Day 
National Children’s Craft Day
White Day ( Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea)
March 15        
March 16 Giant Panda Bear Day      
March 17 Saint Patrick’s Day
Submarine Day –
National Preschool Teachers Appreciation Day (third Friday of March)
March 18 Global Recycling Day 
March 19 Poultry Day 
Let’s Laugh Day 
St. Joseph’s Day (Venezuela)
March 20 March Equinox
World Sparrow Day
World frog day
International Earth Day
World Storytelling Day
March 21 International Day of the Forests
International Color Day 
National Flower Day 
Spring Fairy Fun Day
World Puppetry Day
March 22 Seal Day 
Daffodil Days (Canadian Cancer Society)
Ugadi (Gudi Padwa) 
March 23 National Puppy Day
Cuddly Kitten Day,
Ramadan Begins
World Math Day
March 24        
March 25 Greek Independence Day
Earth Hour
Waffle Day
March 26 Wear Purple day 
March 27 Scribble Day      
March 28        
March 29 Manatee Appreciation Day (Last Wednesday in March)
Mermaid Day
March 30 Vincent van Gogh’s Birth Anniversary
Doctor’s Day 
Pencil Day
World Idli Day
Ram Navami
March 31 National Crayon Day
Eiffel Tower Day 


Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids To Make In April 

Here’s a list of seasonal arts, crafts, activities, ideas and more for the month of April. Gear up for Easter, Unicorns, Earth Day and more

Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids to make in April | Art and Craft Activities for the month of April


April  1 April Fools’ Day
National Greeting Card Day 
National Handmade Day(first Saturday in April.)
April  2 Ferret Day 
International Children’s Book Day
National Children’s Picture Book Day
National DIY Day
April  3 Find a Rainbow Day
World Party Day
World Aquatic Animal Day
American Circus Day 
April  4 World Rat Day 
International Carrot Day
Mahavir Jayanti 
Holy Tuesday ( 1st Tuesday of April)
April  5 National Dandelion Day
Erev Pesach (Israel)
Ching Ming Festival / Qingming Festival (or Tomb Sweeping Day)
April  6 California Poppy Day 
Caramel Popcorn Day 
April  7 International Beaver Day    
April  8 Zoo Lovers Day 
Draw a Picture of a Bird Day
April  9 Unicorn Day 
Winston Churchill Day
Jumbo Day
April  10 National Farm Animals Day
National Siblings Day
Safety Pin Day
April  11 National Pet Day
National Submarine Day
April  12 Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
Hamster Day
April  13 Scrabble Day
International Plant Appreciation Day
April  14 Vaisakhi / Baisakhi
Dolphin day 
Ambedkar Jayanti
National Gardening Day
April  15 World Art Day
Leonardo da Vinci ‘s Birth Anniversary
Good Friday
Gangaur Puja (India)
April  16 Save the Elephant day 
Hanuman Jayanti
Mushroom Day
April  17 Bat Appreciation Day 
World Circus Day – third Saturday in Apri
April  18 National Velociraptor Awareness Day
National Piñata Day 
April  19

Patriot’s Day in New England

April  20 Joan Miro
National Banana Day
April  21 Kindergarten Day    
April  22 Earth Day (U.S.)
National Jelly Bean Day
Ramzan / Eid ul -Fitr
April  23 World Book Day
St. George’s Day (UK) + Slay a Dragon Day
National Picnic Day
Impossible Astronaut Day “Doctor Who”
National Princess Week 23-29
April  24 Willem de Kooning    
April  25 Anzac Day (Australia and New Zealand)
World Penguin day 
National Liberation Day (Italy)
April  26 Hug an Australian Day
Eugene Delacroix’s Birth Anniversary
Audubon Day (US)
Alien Day
Stationery Day (last Wednesday of April)
April  27 Tell a Story Day    
April  28 International Astronomy Day
National Blueberry Pie Day
National Superhero Day
April  29 National Zipper Day
Arbor Day ( US) last Friday in April
April  30 National Tie-Dye Day
National Bugs Bunny Day
National Oatmeal Cookie Day
Save the Frog Day((Last Saturday of April)


Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids To Make In May

Here’s a list of seasonal arts, crafts, activities, ideas, and more for the month of May. Summer is here along with fun holidays like Mothers day, Star Wars Day, Cinco De Mayo & Ramzan

Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids to make in May | Art and Craft Activities for the month of May

May  1 Save the Rhino Day 
Hawaiian Lei Day
National Lemonade Day
Teacher Appreciation Week Begins
National Salad Month
May  2 Brothers and Sisters Day  
Harry Potter day
May  3 Wild Koala Day 
International Leopard DayNational Paranormal Day
May  4 Bird Day 
National Teacher’s Day – Tuesday of the first full week of May
Star Wars Day
Keith Haring’s birthday
May  5 Cinco de Mayo
National Astronaut Day
Hot Air Balloon Day
Oyster Day
Liberation Day (Netherlands)
May  6 Space Day – first Friday in May      
May  7 Free Comic Book Day      
May  8 Iris  Day
World Donkey Day
 Mother’s Day second Sunday in May
May  9 Lost Sock Memorial Day       
May  10 Clean up Your Room Day  

Salvador Dali‘s birth anniversary
Cactus Day

May  11 Eat What You Want Day      
May  12 Limerick Day       
May  13 International Hummus Day
National Apple Pie Day
Leprechaun Day
National Fruit Cocktail Day
Friday The 13Th
May  14 National Train Day- Saturday closest to May 10th
National Windmill Day -second Saturday
World Migratory Bird Day
Archery Day
May  15 Dinosaur Day  
Kangaroo Day 
Jasper John’s Birth Anniversary
May  16 National Sea Monkey Day
Wear Purple for Peace Day
Love a Tree Day
Buddha Purnima (Vesak)
Drawing Day
May  17 National Walnut Day      
May  18 International Museum Day      
May  19 World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day      
May  20 World Bee Day 
Endangered Species Day (Third Friday in May) 
National Pizza Party Day
Cuba gained formal independence from the U.S. on 20 May 1902
May  21 National Endangered Species Day – third Friday
National Talk Like Yoda Day
Henri Rousseau’s Birth Anniversary
May  22 Mary Cassatt
Musical Instrument Day
May  23 International Turtle day 
Victoria Day(Canada) – Monday preceding the 25th
May  24 International Tiara Day
National Scavenger Hunt Day
National Brother’s Day
May  25 Africa Day 
World Otter Day –  Last Wednesday in May
National Brown-Bag It Day
Towel Day (UK)
May  26 National Paper Airplane Day
World Dracula Day
May  27 National Cellophane Tape Day      
May  28 National Hamburger Day      
May  29 National Snail Day 

Pink Flamingo Day 

National Alligator Day 
National Paperclip Day

May  30 Hug your Cat Day 
Memorial Day last Monday of the month
National Creativity Day
May  31 World Parrot Day       


Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids To Make In June

Here’s a list of seasonal arts, crafts, activities, ideas, and more for the month of June. Let’s Celebrate Environment day, Fathers day, Ocean Day & Eric Carle’s Birthday with some fun art & craft activities.

Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids to make in June | Art and Craft Activities for the month of June

June 1 Superman’s Birthday

World Milk Day

Nail Polish Day
Dinosaur Day

June 2 Republic Day Italy
Trooping the Colour (UK)
June 3 Wonder Woman Day (only 2017)
National Egg Day
National Donut Day – First Friday in June
Chinese Dragon Boat Festival – date varies
June 4 National Cheese Day
first Saturday in June, National Black Bear Day 
June 5 Hot Air Balloon Day

World Environment Day

National Gingerbread Day
National Frozen Yogurt Day – first Sunday in June
Constitution Day (Denmark )

June 6 National Yo-Yo Day
Western Australia Day
Queensland Day (Australia)
 D-Day, WWII
June 7 National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Paul Gauguin’s birthday

June 8 World Oceans day 

International Day of Action for Elephants in Zoos 

Best Friends Day

June 9 Donald Duck Day    
June 10 National Black Cow Day
National Flip Flop Day – second Friday in June
National Iced Tea Day
June 11 National Corn on the Cob Day
National Rose Day
King Kamehameha Day (Hawaii)
 World Doll Day (the second Saturday in June,)
June 12 Red Rose Day
Superman Day
National Loving Day
National Peanut Butter Cookie Day
Philippines Independence Day
National Flag Week starts(US)
June 13 Holy Spirit Monday    
June 14 National New Mexico Day
Flag Day (US)
June 15 National Nature Photography Day
Global Wind day
June 16 World Sea Turtle Day
Fresh Veggies Day
National Fudge Day
June 17 M.C. Escher

Eat your Vegetable Day

June 18 International Picnic Day
International Sushi Day
Go Fishing Day
World Juggler’s Day – Saturday closest to June 17th
Wear BLUE Day
June 19 Father’s Day – third Sunday
National Watch Day
National Garfield the Cat Day
International Box Day – Cats & cardboard boxes are a match
June 20 American Eagle Day
National Vanilla Milkshake Day
June 21 June Solstice
World Giraffe Day
National Sea Shell Day
International Yoga Day
National Smoothie Day
Canada’s National Indigenous Peoples Day
June 22 World Rainforest Day

World Camel Day

June 23 National Pink Day

Pink Lawn Flamingo Day/ Pink Flamingo Day

June 24 International Fairy (or Faery) Day
World UFO day
June 25 National Catfish Day
Artist Eric Carle’s Birthday
International Rose Day 
June 26 Armed Forces Day (U.K.)
National Chocolate Pudding Day
National Canoe Day
June 27 National Bingo Day
Sun Glasses Day
June 28 Peter Paul Rubens
National Alaska Day
June 29 Camera Day
International Fisherman’s Day
International Mud Day
BakrId / Eid Ul-Adha
June 30 Meteor Day / International Asteroid Day    


Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids To Make In July

Here’s a list of seasonal arts, crafts, activities, ideas, and more for the month of July. It’s time to show off your Stars and Stripes for the 4th of July, work towards Tiger Conservation & appreciate the Cow.

Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids to make in July | Art and Craft Activities for the month of July

July 1 Canada Day
International Joke Day
American Zoo Day
Doctor’s Day ( India)
July 2 World UFO Day
Build A Scarecrow Day – first Sunday in the month
July 3 International Drop A Rock Day
Guru Purnima
July 4 US Independence day 
Alice in Wonderland Day
July 5      
July 6 Frida Kahlo     
July 7  Chocolate Day
Marc Chagall
National Strawberry Sundae Day
Doll Day
National Macaroni Day
National Dora Day
National Koi Day
July 8 Body Painting Day

National Blueberry Day

July 9 Argentina’s Independence Day 
Barn Day
July 10 Teddy Bear Picnic Day
National Kitten Day
National Doughnut Week
July 11 National Blueberry Muffins Day    
July 12 Cow Appreciation Day
Artist Amedeo Modigliani Birth Anniversary
Pecan Pie Day
Paper Bag Day
July 13 National French Fries Day    
July 14 National Macaroni and Cheese Day

Shark Awareness Day

Gustav Klimt 

Bastille Day (national holiday in France)

July 15 Cow Appreciation Day
Rembrandt van Rij’s birthday
Celebration of the Horse Day
July 16 World Snake Day
Guinea Pig Appreciation Day
National Cherry Day
July 17 World Emoji Day
National Ice Cream Day  – third Sunday 
July 18      
July 19 Edgar Degas    
July 20 National Lollipop Day
National Moon Day
National Hot Dog Day
Space Exploration Day
July 21 Monkey Day

National Junk Food Day

July 22 Alexander Calder
Edward Hopper 
Mango Day
July 23 Vanilla Ice Cream Day
National Day of the Cowboy – fourth Saturday
July 24 Amelia Earhart Day
Parent’s Day  – fourth Sunday in July
Cousins Day
July 25 National Merry Go Round Day    
July 26 Andy Goldsworthy’s Birthday
National Aunt and Uncle Day
July 27      
July 28 National Milk Chocolate Day    
July 29 International Tiger Day

National Lasagna Day

National Rain Day

July 30 International Day of Friendship    
July 31 National Avocado Day
Harry Potter’s Birthday
National Watermelon Day


Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids To Make In August

Here’s a list of seasonal arts, crafts, activities, ideas, and more for the month of August. It’s India’s Independence Day, Eid, Andy Warhol’s Birthday & Potato Day!

Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids to make in August | Art and Craft Activities for the month of August

August 1 Swiss National Day
National Planner Day
August 2 National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
National Coloring Book Day,
August 3 National Watermelon Day    
August 4 National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day    
August 5 National Oyster Day
Campfire Day – First Saturday in August
Sandcastle Day (first Saturday of August)
National Clown Day – Saturday during International Clown Week
August 6 Andy Warhol
Friendship Day (First Sunday in August)Sisters Day – First Sunday in August
National Doll Day (first Sunday in August)
August 7 National Lighthouse Day    
August 8 International Cat Day    
August 9 Book Lover’s Day
Singapore’s National Day
August 10 World Lion Day    
August 11 Mountain Day    
August 12 World Elephant Day     
August 13 Left Hander’s Day    
August 14 World Lizard Day    
August 15 India’s Independence Day
South Korea Liberation Day 
August 16 Parsi New Year 
National Tell a Joke Day
August 17 Indonesia Independence Day    
August 18 World Daffodil Day    
August 19 World Orangutan Day

National Potato Day
 National Honey Bee Awareness Day – Third Saturday

August 20 Onam 2023 starts    
August 21 Nag Panchami    
August 22 National Tooth Fairy Day – and/or February 28

National Be An Angel Day

August 23      
August 24 Burger Day
Waffle Day
August 25 National Banana Split Day    
August 26 National Dog Day    
August 27      
August 28      
August 29 International Bat Night    
August 30 International Whale Shark Day
Frankenstein Day
Raksha Bandhan 2023
Beach Day
August 31 Malaysia Day    


Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids To Make In September

Here’s a list of seasonal arts, crafts, activities, ideas, and more for the month of September. It’s Roald Dahl’s Birthday, Grandparents’ day & time to celebrate our Elephant Headed God – Ganesha. Plus It’s Onam & Krishnashtami too. Fall Crafts Make an entry.

Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids to make in September | Art and Craft Activities for the month of September

SEPTEMBER 2020 Holidays

September 1 National Wattle Day       
September 2        
September 3 Skyscraper Day      
September 4 National Wildlife Day      
September 5 India Teacher’s Day
Cheese Pizza Day 
Vulture Awareness Day
Hummingbird Day
September 6 Read a Book day 
September 7 Brazil Independence Day      
September 8 Star Trek Day 
National Iguana Awareness Day.
September 9 Teddy Bear Day
National Bilby Day
September 10 Sewing machine day       
September 11 911 Remembrance      
September 12 Chocolate Milkshake Day       
September 13 Roald Dahl’s Birthday
Grandparents Day
Fortune Cookie day 
Uncle Sam Day 
September 14 National Coloring Day
Crème Filled Donut Day 
September 15 International Dot Day
Make a Hat Day
Hispanic Heritage Month Start
September 16 National Play-Doh Day
Collect Rocks Day 
Mexican Independence Day 
September 17 National Fox Day      
September 18 Rosh Hashanah      
September 19 Talk Like a Pirate Day
Red Panda Day 
Ganesh Chaturthi 2023
September 20 Artist Dale Chihuly’s Birth Anniversary
Take Your Squishy to Work Day!
September 21 Batman Day
World Gratitude Day
International Peace day 
September 22 Fall Equinox
World Rose Day
National Elephant Appreciation Day
National Ice Cream Cone Day
World Rhino Day
Doodle Day
Hobbit Day
September 23 Native American Day (4th Friday of Sep)      
September 24 Rabbit Day      
September 25 National Comic Book Day      
September 26        
September 27 Milad un-Nabi/Id-e-Milad      
September 28 Good Neighbor day
Strawberry Cream Pie Day
September 29 St. Michaelmas Day, also known as Goose Day.      
September 30 Koala Day (last Friday in September)       


Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids To Make In October

Here’s a list of seasonal arts, crafts, activities, ideas, and more for the month of October. Bring out your fireworks cos it is Dussehra & then let all the ghosts & monsters out cos it’s Halloween.

Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids to make in October | Art and Craft Activities for the month of October

October 1 Vegetarian day 
International Racoon Day 
International Music Day
International Coffee Day
National Homemade Cookies Day
October 2 Gandhi Jayanti
World Smile Day
World Farm Animals Day
October 3 Germany Unity Day
Butterfly Day
October 4 National Taco Day
World Animal Day 
Yom Kippur
World Space Week
World Habitat Day
Frederic Remington’s Birthday
October 5 World Teachers’ Day
October 6 National Noodle Day
Artist Romero Britto’s Birthday
National Badger Day
Mad Hatter’s Day
October 7 World Card Making Day – first Saturday of the month
October 8 International Octopus day
I Love Yarn Day 
 Indian Air Force Day
October 9 Fire Prevention Day
Columbus Day
October 10 Cuba Independence Day/ Dia de la Independencia
Canadian Thanksgiving
October 11 National Fossil Day
October 12 Farmers Day
Harry Potter Book Day
National Day of Spain / Fiesta Nacional de España
October 13 World Egg Day  – second Friday of the month
October 14 National Dessert Day
I Love Yarn Day
October 15 Maths Day
Navratri Begins
October 16 Global Cat Day
October 17 National Pasta Day
October 20 Sloth Day 
National Necktie Day
Durga Puja
October 21 International Nacho Day
Artist Mary Blair’s  Birth Anniversary
Reptile Awareness Day 
Wonder Woman Day
National Apple Day
American Frog Day
October 22 Wombat Day
MassKara Festival ( Philippines) 4th Sunday in Oct
National Color Day
October 23  
October 24 United Nations Day  
October 25  
World Pasta Day
Pablo Picasso
 International Artist Day
October 26 National Mule Day
National Pumpkin Day
October 27 Black Cat Day
World Lemur Day ( Last Friday of October)
Artist Roy Linchestein Birth Anniversary
Frankenstein Friday 
October 28 Plush Animal Lover’s Day
National Chocolate Day
Valmiki Jayanti ( Changes every year) 
October 29 National Cat Day 
Polar Bear Week
October 30 National Candy Corn Day
October 31 Halloween
Carve a Pumpkin Day
Hug A Sheep Day



Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids To Make In November

Here’s a list of seasonal arts, crafts, activities, ideas, and more for the month of November. Light some lamps for Diwali, Give thanks for Thanksgiving.

Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids to make in November | Art and Craft Activities for the month of November

November 1 All Saints’ Day
Dios Los Muertos 
November 2 Cookie Monster Day
 Dios Los Muertos 
November 3 Sandwich Day
Jellyfish Day 
November 4 King Tut Day
National Candy Day
Polar Bear Week Ends
November 5 Guy Fawkes Night /Bonfire Night (UK)
National Doughnut Day 
World Numbat Day
Bison day 
November 6 National Nachos Day
November 7  
Hug a Stuffed Bear day 
November 8 STEM/STEAM Day
November 9 Go to an Art Museum Day
November 10 Diwali
American Frog Day 
Sesame Street Day
November 11 World Origami Day
Veterans Day (US) Remembrance Day (UK, Canada) 
National Sundae Day
November 12 Mouse Day 
November 13 World Kindness Day
November 14 Claude Monet’s Birth Anniversary
Sonia Delaunay’s Birth Anniversary
Children’s Day(India)
Odd Socks Day
November 15 America Recycles Day
Wayne Thiebaud Birthday
Govardhan Puja (India)
Georgia O’Keeffe ‘s Birth Anniversary
November 16 Button Day
National Fast Food Day
November 17 World Peace Day
November 18 Mickey Mouse Day 
National Princess Day
Morocco’s National day
November 19  
November 20 Pushkar Camel Fair (India)
Odd Socks Day
November 21 Rene Magritte’s Birth Anniversary
Red Mitten Day 
November 22 Lebanon Independence Day
November 23 Fibonacci Day
November 24 Evolution Day


November 25 Maize Day
November 26  
November 27  
November 28 French Toast Day
Red Planet Day
November 29  
November 30 Guru Nanak Jayanti (India)
 Mason Jar Day

Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids To Make In December

Here’s a list of seasonal arts, crafts, activities, ideas, and more for the month of December. It’s feeling a lot like Christmas. Snowflakes, snowmen, reindeer, Santa & elves. Come craft with us.

Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids to make in December | Art and Craft Activities for the month of December

December 1 National Christmas Lights Day
Antarctica Day
December 2 Georges Seurat Birth Anniversary
December 3  
December 4 Wassily Kandinsky Birth Anniversary
Cheetah day
December 5 Ninja Day
December 6 St Nicholas Day (UK)
December 7 Letter Writing day 
Cotton Candy Floss Day 
First Day of Hannukah
December 8 Brownie day 

Diego Rivera’s Birth Anniversary

December 9 Christmas card Day 
National Pastry Day 
Llama Day 
December 10  
December 11
Kaleidoscope Day
December 12 Poinsettia Day 
Edvard Munch Birth Anniversary
Ginger Bread House Day 
Helen Frankenthaler Birth Anniversary
December 13 National day of the horse 
Ice Cream Day 
International Children’s Day 
Violin Day 
December 14 Monkey day
National Wrapping Day
December 15 National Cupcake Day
Last Day of Hannukah
December 16 Pythagorean Theorem Day (2020)
Ugly Christmas Sweater Day 
December 17 Nutcracker Day 
December 18 Paul Klee ‘s birthday
Bake Cookies Day 
Elf Day
December 19  
December 20 Go Caroling Day
December 21 Crossword Puzzle day 
Winter Solstice
December 22 Math Day(also Srinivasa Ramanujan’s Birthday)
December 23  
December 24 National Chocolate Day 
December 25 Christmas
December 26 Candy Cane Day
Boxing Day
December 27 visit the zoo day
Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day 
December 28 Boxing Day 
December 29  
December 30  
December 31 Henri Matisse’s Birth Anniversary 
New Year’s Eve


Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids to make with ArtsyCraftsyMom


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  1. Thank you for these awesome holiday crafts! Look very cute and easy-to-make, to be honest with you. Will definitely try it with my little ones.