10+ Healthy toddler recipes for picky eaters

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Mealtimes can become a real battle if you have a fussy toddler who refuses to eat or even taste the food you’ve so lovingly served. You know, there is a way you can put a stop to all the mealtime drama – by serving a new dish everyday!! Yes, I hear you: who has the time to prepare elaborate new dishes every single day? I feel your pain, we put so much effort to prepare a meal and the anguish we feel when the meal goes down the drain can’t be put in words!!

10+ Healthy toddler recipes for picky eaters

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So to make your job easier, I have compiled a list of easy-to-make, yet  Healthy toddler recipes for picky eaters which can be had by the whole family as well. This means no food going down the drain, as leftovers are for Mom!! Here is a complete toddler meal plan guaranteed to stop those mealtime battles for good!

Healthy toddler recipes for picky eaters – Breakfast

10+ Healthy toddler recipes for picky eaters

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but also the most difficult meal, since toddlers are in the middle of rushing to school or preschool and Moms are in a hurry to leave for work.

  1. Sooji Toast – Here is a Sooji toast recipe that is a great hit in my family.
  2. Oats Pancake – Most toddlers hate porridge and it is difficult for Moms to handle the mess they create with porridge during busy mornings. Try another oats recipe instead – a simple instant oats pancake recipe.
  3. Sweet Potato Dosa – Just add sweet potato to normal Dosa batter for a nutritious take on a traditional dish.
  4. Milkshakes – If your toddler is a milk hater then this banana walnut milkshake is a good one to try. It is power packed with banana and walnut and makes a good snack in the mid mornings

Healthy toddler recipes for picky eaters – Lunch Box ideas


If your toddler goes to a playschool then most of you are probably at a loss regarding what new dish you need to send in his Lunch box every day. Try some of our unique recipe ideas here.

  1. Sweet Carrot Rice – This is a sweet and yummy rice dish for your toddler
  2. Aloo Matar Paratha – Adding potato to a regular Paratha makes it much more interesting and keeps toddlers energetic.
  3. Wheat Pancake – Opt for whole grains in this pancake recipe to make it healthier.


Healthy toddler recipes for picky eaters – Snacks

10+ Healthy toddler recipes for picky eaters

Children are exposed to so much junk food that getting them to eat healthy snacks is a herculean task. But they might show an interest in healthy snacks if they taste real good! Here are some yummy snacks recipes for your toddler.

  1. Ragi Balls – If your toddler refuses to have ragi porridge, sneak ragi in these yummy balls.
  2. Ragi Cookies – No child will say no to cookies! Make the most of it by baking cookies with healthy ingredients.
  3. Beetroot Rolls recipe – Most kids turn their nose up at beetroot in vegetable form, but are more likely to have them disguised as rolls.
  4. Curd Fritters – Curd is great for digestion and the gut, so include curd in your child’s diet in different ways.


Toddlers often go through phases of liking or hating certain foods. This is perfectly normal, and you just need to ensure that their overall diet across a week is more or less balanced. The earlier they’re used to eating healthy foods, the less inclined they will be towards junk food in the coming years. And you’ll be glad at having done a great job!

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