The Ultimate List of 100+ Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

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Our Ultimate List of 100+ Paper Plate Crafts for Kids proves that there is absolutely nothing you can’t make with a handful of plain paper plates!

In my opinion, paper plates are an underrated craft material. Yes, craft paper and pipe cleaners are great, but a plain white paper plate just opens up a whole world of possibilities that isn’t limited by color or shape!

You can paint paper plates in any color you like, you can stick anything you like on it or you can use it as a base for your craft projects. You can make a really simple project or turn it into something very elaborate – the sky’s the limit!

Yes, there are all kinds of ways to have fun with paper plates, for kids of all ages. That’s why we’ve collected over 100 paper plate crafts for kids in this post, so you’re all set for the next several weekends. Happy crafting!

The Ultimate List of 100+ Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Our Ultimate List of 100+ Paper Plate Crafts for Kids proves that there is absolutely nothing you can't make with a handful of plain paper plates!

20 Paper Plate Wildlife Crafts

Paper Plate Animal Crafts

15 Amazing Paper Plate Animal Crafts1

If you search for paper plate crafts for kids, you’ll find that most of them are animal crafts, and that’s not surprising considering that a paper plate is perfect for an animal’s face! This list features 15 different animals, and are perfect for early school goers.

Paper Plate Bird Craft

This Paper Plate Bird Craft using Torn Crepe Paper Strengthen fine motor skills with tearing paper for a cute spring craft for kids.

I’ve always thought that ‘birds of paradise’ is a beautiful term – I mean, who wouldn’t want to be that! Well, even if we can’t turn into them overnight, we can at least try to make something similar, in this beautiful craft.

Paper Plate Parrot Craft

This Paper Plate Parrot Craft is the perfect project for a rainforest or bird unit at home or at school for Preschoolers. Watch their happy faces as they transform a plate into a colorful bird.

Most animal crafts use the circle of the paper plate as the animal face, but this one turns it into the bird’s body! Parrots are among the most colorful birds out there, and we celebrate a tropical bird in this bright craft.

Paper Plate Octopus Craft

Paper plate octopus craft is an exciting way to learn about ocean creatures while brushing up on some scissor cutting and other fine motor skills. 

Octopuses are amazing creatures, and we love how this little guy turned out! The paper plate is perfect for the octopus’ face and bubble wrap turns out to be the ideal tentacles – complete with suckers!

Paper Plate Aquarium Craft

This Sea Shell Fish In an Aquarium Craft is gorgeous enough to hang on your wall! Gather big and small sea shells to put together this easy craft!

How cute is this paper plate aquarium? This is an excellent use of the seashells you’ve collected on your last beach trip, and becomes a keepsake that’s a lovely memory of that journey.

Paper Plate Stingray

Paper Plate Stingray 1

You’ve made a paper plate octopus, so it’s a good idea to make a paper plate stingray like this one from The Pinterested Parent. We love the colors going on here, as well as those googly eyes that give it a personality of its own!

60 Paper Plate Holiday Crafts

Paper Plate Christmas Crafts

25 Easy Christmas Crafts Made from Paper Plates

There is a plethora of Christmas crafts on the internet, and we’ve rounded up the best ones you can make with paper plates! There are ornaments, wreaths and many more ideas to try – all with plain paper plates!

Paper Plate Halloween Crafts

Make Halloween extra spooky this year with these 20 fun and frugal paper plate crafts that are perfect for kids of all ages!

From skulls to spiders, there is a lot you can make with paper plates! Get plates in different colors like black, yellow, orange and purple to give your decor a Halloween ‘spirit’. 

Paper Plate Easter Crafts

Get your kids in the spirit of Easter and spring with these simple and adorable paper plate Easter Crafts!

The next time Easter rolls around, you’ll be completely prepared – because we’ve done the work for you by curating the best of the best crafts! All these are made with paper plates, so you don’t need any specialty craft supplies.

Paper Plate Turkey Craft

Paper Plate Thanksgiving Turkey craft with Tissue Paper

Whether you’re dressing a turkey for Thanksgiving this year or not, you can certainly dress up this little guy here! A paper plate forms the background for all the layers of the turkey’s tail.

Paper Plate Leprechaun Craft

Paper plate Leprechaun 1 updated

Leprechauns have always intrigued us humans, and while they have many faces in people’s imaginations, we’ll prefer to go with this happy, cheerful version from The Kindergarten Connection!

Paper Plate American Flag

American Flag Patriotic Kids Paper Plate Craft

Who says flags have to be rectangular? The Fourth of July is an occasion to celebrate the American flag, the American spirit and everything it stands for, and this project from Simply Today Life is a great way to do it.

10 Paper Plate Crafts based on Stories

Paper Plate Fantastic Mr. Fox

Paper Plate Mr Fox roald dahl craft

Turning books into movies is an age-old practice, but we love the part where we turn books into crafts! If you’re a fan of Roald Dahl, you’ll enjoy this paper plate fox based on the book, Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Paper Plate Cat in the Hat

Paper Plate Cat in the Hat Craft - Dr Seuss crafts - ArtsyCraftsyMom

Can you talk about book crafts without including Dr. Seuss? And which is the most iconic character from his books? The Cat in the Hat, of course! Enjoy the book and the movie once again with this fun paper plate craft.

Paper Plate Princess Craft

Paper Plate Princess Craft

We love how cute these little paper plate princesses look! These aren’t based on any particular story or book, but since you can find princesses in abundance everywhere, these are a must try for kids of all ages.

Paper Plate Noah’s Ark 

Paper plate Noah's Ark Craft- We made this little Noah’s Ark craft when we were learning about Noah. One of the books that we read along with our actual Bible stories was The Boat of Many Rooms: The Story of Noah in Verse

This is a lovely representation of the story of Noah and his Ark, a story that’s present in many holy texts. You can paint the paper plate in any color you like, but we like keeping it as bright and colorful as possible!

Paper Plate Baby Yoda

Paper Plate Baby Yoda Craft for kids image

Isn’t this little Yoda from Simple Everyday Mom super cute? It’s super easy to make too – just make sure you have lots of green paint handy! 

Paper Plate Minion Craft

Paper Plate Minion Craft 4

We’re big fans of minions here, not to mention the ‘Happy’ song! Kids Activities Blog shows us how easy it is to make a minion craft with a paper plate – don’t miss the little hair strands on top!

Paper Plate Corduroy Craft

paper plate corduroy PIN FINAL

Corduroy is an adorable story of a little teddy bear who goes looking for his lost button in the toy shop. I Heart Crafty Things brings Corduroy to life with a paper plate and basic craft supplies – make sure the bear is missing a button!

Pete the Cat Spiral Craft

pete the cat pin 2 683x1024 1

If you’ve read any of the Pete the Cat stories, you’ll know that they revolve a lot around Pete’s shoes or his running. We love that the white shoes remain the highlight of this craft from In the Bag Kids Crafts, that reflects Pete’s expression perfectly!

Paper Plate Red Riding Hood

little red riding hood 2 683x1024 1

The story of Red Riding Hood has come a long way. From a little girl who went to visit her Grandma, she has turned into a werewolf fighter! We’ll stick to the original version here with this cute craft from Glued to My Crafts.

Paper Plate Grinch Craft

grinch craft 2 resized

The Grinch in a good mood? Sounds unlikely, but this paper plate craft from I Heart Crafty Things does show the Grinch being happy! Or maybe he’s feeling mischievous, it’s hard to say!

5 Paper Plate Learning Crafts

Paper Plate Fraction Flower Craft

LEARN FRACTIONS WITH A FRACTION FLOWERS CRAFT@artsycraftsymom & @Cuemath that you don't want to miss!" width="450" height="900" data-pin-description="Make math learning fun for kids- Learn fractions using our Paper Plate Fraction Flower Craft + a fun #CuemathGiveaway by @artsycraftsymom & @Cuemath that you don't want to miss!" data-pin-title="LEARN FRACTIONS WITH A FRACTION FLOWERS CRAFT">

It may sound weird, but there are many ways to use paper plates for learning! Being circular, they’re perfect to divide into segments and to learn about fractions, like these fraction flowers show us.

Paper Plate Watermelon Fractions Craft

Watermelon Paper Plate Craft 1 512x1024 1

If your child is a visual learner, they’ll enjoy more practical representations of math concepts. For instance, this craft from Woo Jr. shows how watermelon segments come together to form a whole.

Paper Plate Clock Craft

K312 Paper Plate Cat Clock Main

Learning how to tell time can be challenging for some kids, and a boring clock doesn’t make it easier. Baker Ross has come up with an idea to make learning about time more fun, with a cute paper plate cat!

Paper Plate School Bus Shapes Craft

Back to School Crafts for Kids School Bus Shapes Paper Plate Craft

Schools are opening up across the world, and we’re slowly getting to see the bright yellow bus on our roads and lanes. Enjoy the excitement of going back to school with a simple school bus craft from Honey and Lime.

Paper Plate Seek and Find Craft

easy paper plate ice cream activity 683x1024 1

This project from Active Littles is great for young children’s cognitive development. It teaches the concept of object permanence, improves memory and also encourages them to focus on a single task at a time.

10 Paper Plate Season Crafts

Paper Plate Seashell Craft

Paper Plate seashell craft for toddlers - step by step tags - paper plate, toddler crafts. ocean study, clams,

Thinking of summer and the beach? Well, if it’s getting cold in your area now, you may want to recreate the beach inside your home! These paper plate sea shells should help creating the mood and should encourage you to plan your next beach trip!

Paper Plate Rainbow Craft


What’s the best part of the rainy season? The rainbow that appears at the end, of course! Little kids will love this project from Inner Child Fun that uses a paper plate and white cotton balls to create clouds along with long strips of colored paper for the rainbow.

Paper Plate Day and Night Craft

Day and night craft

This craft from Non Toy Gifts is a great way to introduce young children to the idea of day and night as well as to establish morning and evening routines. It’s simple, easy and effective!

Paper Plate Four Seasons Craft


Use paper plates to recreate all the seasons – altogether at once! Spring, Summer, winter and Monsoons are what we’ve shown here, but you can add Fall in the form of leaves – or simply check out our next craft in the list!

Changing Leaf Fall Craft

Color changing leaf craft Pinterest

This project from Non Toy Gifts is so beautiful and so clever too! The leaf cutout is an example of how one time work can create multiple effects later!

Paper Plate Autumn Whirligigs

Paper Plate Whirligig Fall

If you love all the colors of Fall, you’ll love this craft from Red Ted Art! A paper plate is cut into a spiral, so you get a hanging that takes on a life of its own and bounces around, looking lovely!

Paper Plate Sun Craft

paper plate sun ..

There’s a reason so many of us love summer – sunlight stimulates the happy hormones in our body, boosts our mood and improves sleep. That’s why happiness is called a ‘sunny disposition’! The Resourceful Mama celebrates the magic of the sun in this cute paper plate craft that even toddlers can make.

Paper Plate Snow Globe

paper plate snow globe craft pin

There are so many fun things you can do with snow – you can have a snowball fight, make a snowman or simply lie down and make snow angels on the ground. If you can’t experience any of that, don’t worry – you can make your very own snow globe with this craft from I Heart Crafty Things!

Paper Plate Spring Craft

Spring FlowersandButterfly Pinterest

Spring is the time for new growth – baby animals and birds as well as lots of new blooms. The burst of new flowers is accompanied by little butterflies, and this is beautifully shown in this craft from The Joy of Sharing!

Paper Plate Rain Craft

paper plate rain craft for kids

If your little one is learning about the water cycle or how clouds are formed, this craft from Crafts on Sea should help! The paper plate forms the perfect backdrop for the clouds and the rain drops, and the grey color is a great representation of a cloudy sky!

Our Ultimate List of 100+ Paper Plate Crafts for Kids proves that there is absolutely nothing you can't make with a handful of plain paper plates!

Okay, I think we went over the 100 crafts mentioned at the beginning, but I’m sure you’re not complaining! Paper plate crafts are among the easiest crafts you can make with young children, and you need only basic craft supplies. Stock up on lots of paints and colored craft paper and you’ll be all set!

Our Ultimate List of 100+ Paper Plate Crafts for Kids proves that there is absolutely nothing you can't make with a handful of plain paper plates!

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