100 & A happy new year!!

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youre reading the 100th post life
TADAAAAA! I’ve reached an interesting milestone – this is my 100th post on the blog. When I started the blog in July, I never expected to be able to post regularly. But 100 posts in 6 months.. yay!! I’m having fun!
There are some long pending tasks….Thank you lostworld, for passing along this lovely award



This new year, I have some interesting things planned – new crafts, an international contest and some giveaway handmade cards. I’m also looking forward to the blog meet happening at bangalore on 3rd jan 🙂

Signing off this year with wishes for a year filled with new opportunities, health n happiness!


happy new year 2010


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  1. Wow! What timing 🙂
    Fun-filled yr this ws rt 🙂
    May 2010 be as lovely and much more 🙂 Blog meet .. wow! What fun .. hw I wish I ws in Blr 🙁

    Whatz the international contest all abt? Gud luck 🙂

  2. Congratulations!
    Look forward to see many more in the year to come 🙂
    Wishing you and your family for a great, healthy and fantabulous new year.

    Special wishes to lil P 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your posting 100th blog. Looking forward to read the next 100.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  4. hey! contest! (i hope i have the edge –considering i have hosted one international contest too;-)happy new year.
    my mum is arriving tomorrow. cant wait.

  5. @jyoti 🙂 happy new year to u too !!
    @Swaram: happy new year sweety! Its so nice to see ur pics!!! You look lovely!… I’m just thinking I’ll have a craft competition..
    @Monika: Thanks. New year’s eve was nothing special.. we spent it in the train! But hopefully 2010 will be just as exciting if not more!!
    @Mohan: Thanks you soooo much! My wish for 2010 is health too! 🙂

    @TPL: Nothing great da!! 🙂 Just planning something.

    @SG: Thanks you!! Wish u the same! 🙂

    @MiM: I’m really nervous abt the card.. Hope u like it! 🙂 n nothing can beat ur international contest!!

  6. O wow.. 100 so soon?!?! You amaze me!!! Congrats!

    I’m waiting for the competitions. I’ll do anything for the gifts 😉

    Happy new year to u all. Enjaii the blog meet 🙂

  7. @Lostworld: Give me ur email addr..
    @disha: Where have u been? Do post soon.. :)n happy new year to u too!
    @swati: we shud meet again.. 🙂 I’m glad u liked the calender.
    @Starry: happy birthday! We shud do this more often!
    @priya: thanks:)

  8. @meira: I would have posted.. but the names are still hazy!! It was a lot of fun meeting inspiring mommies! 🙂
    @Poppins mom: Same here!!! 🙂 I soooo want to hold ur lil 1 .. there were too many unknown faces the other day.
    @indian Pundit: Welcome here n thank you for the wishes!! Hopping over to check out ur blog.. 🙂
    @priyanka: Thanks 🙂 Loved to read abt ash’s antics in Mumbai.