1st Birthday celebrations & a BIG Giveaway

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Thank you for all the lovely comments

1 year and 260 posts. I’m a happy mommie today. My 2nd baby, this blog turns 1. I’ve loved the journey so far. Hope u’ve liked it too. Here is a quick recap – Some of my fav posts from the last year.

July 2009
Small Joys
Sharing joys
Escapades in the kitchen
Lil P in the last 3 years
Letters to a daughter..

August 2009
Need Help!!!
A way with words
Go Go Goa!!
A dislocated elbow and a brave kid

September 2009
Family conversations – part 3
For the love of a GC
Family conversations…

October 2009
These are a few of my favorite things…

November 2009
And they lived happily ever after…
Weekend activities with kids in bangalore
Oh! I miss u so…
Lil p’s 1st PJ!!

December 2009
100 & A happy new year!!
Merry christmas!!
My first-est-est-est award!!
Field trip to the icecream parlour!

January 2010
Why is a circus trip such a circus??
Artsy-Craftsy Jan2010 – Vote now!
Penguin costume
First Movie at a Theatre
sense-station-day at school

February 2010
Paper Crafts final entries
My little fantasy

March 2010
Of prized possesions & fisty-six* candles
March entries – Vote now.

April 2010
Nursery Annual report
Artsy-craftsy April – vote now
The perfect holiday

May 2010
Artsy-Craftsy-May 2010 – Vote now

June 2010
Artsy-Craftsy-June – Vote now
To my dad
Weekend trip to mudumalai & Ooty
Daily conversations
Thank you card for TPL

I think there should be a grand celebration! 🙂 what say? I’m gifting an acrylic painting** either

The Ganesha

So here’s what u need to do.

1stbday giveaway

1. Add the above image to ur sidebar (with a link to this post).Then, leave a comment here- 1. Sidebar image – done.
2. Post about the 1st birthday giveaway this week. Then leave a comment here – 2. Post – done. one comment each time u post or mention it in a post this week.
3. Tell me which painting u prefer, Ganesha / Together . Leave a comment here with ur choice eg 3. I like the ganesha better.
4. You can leave a comment for each Tweet / Facebook wall post about this giveaway (with a link to this post) eg: 5. Tweeted abt this. & 6. Posted on FB
5. If u have won something at my blog – either as part of a giveaway or artsy-craftsy. You can leave another comment eg 7. I’m the artsy-craftsy user choice winner June. If u have won more than once, you can leave as many comments as many times u’ve won. Art, shankari, Smita are u guys listening???

**Terms & Conditions

  • The person with the maximum valid comments at this post gets the painting of his/her choice.
  • If there is a tie, I will use a random number generator to select the winner
  • Only point 3 is mandatory. You can choose to do points 1, 2, 4 & 5 if you wish. Remember – more valid comments = higher chance.
  • This contest is only open to Indian readers or readers who can provide an Indian address to ship it to.
  • The painting is not framed. You will need to do that on your own.
  • This contest runs this week only.  [sorry. looking at the huge response I got scared! :p]
  • Everyone is eligible. Let your friends know.
  • I will also use a random generator to select a second winner who will get a handmade gift. [ I know most of u are bored of my cards] So leave a comment. A comment which doesn’t fall into the above 5 points will also be considered for the random winner. So Swaram 🙂 way to go!
  • Confused?? mail me at mymindfulmeanderings(at)gmail(dot)com

valid comments are comments that fall into above category only.
Kindly number your comments if u can. Thank you for the HUGEE response.

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  1. Shruti! U r just awesome 🙂 1 yr and 260! Kudos to u 🙂
    I luvvvvved both the paintings 🙂

    Will giving u chocolates or something work 😛 😛

  2. And the painting 🙂

    I luvvved both, but my brain is already cooking up ideas abt using the Ganesha painting for this yrs Puja 😛

    So, I will say

    3. I love the Ganesha 🙂

  3. LOL Priya 😛 Lemme give it a try. All for Shruti’s painting 😉

    And Shruti, u come up with gr8 ideas even for giveaways … awesome 😛

    If this comment counts too,
    then here we go 😉

    7. I left a comment 😛

  4. Wowoww!! you are really really amazing…I have always told you this earlier…that I am so so proud of your work…amazing how you manage to do so much ya!!! great and congrats on the 1st bday and all that :):)

    and winning those paintings..nah! I dont think I can ever do it..the only thing I can think of is..saving the pic on my comp and using it as a desktop image…can I please????

  5. Shruti, the posts u mentioned there ..they are ur fav ones u mean?

    If every comment counts :P, this is my 9th

    9. I left a comment 😉

  6. Trish, she is nt telling me if all comments can be numbered or only those sensible ones ahem 😉

    What already stop 😛 😛
    No, we need to go on for a month 😉 I need the painting for my Ganesh-Puja 😉

    11. this is 😉

  7. Congrats Shruti!!! Happy b’day to your blog 🙂 What an achievement .. 270 posts is express blogging! 😀 I love both your paintings..Since I’ve done 1 Ganesha, I prefer the sparrows much more. Very sweet.

    p.s. – give it to Swaram! I was at most gonna add 3 comments & then I see what Swaram was upto 🙂

  8. Wow. happy 1st to the little one (tho 260 posts is no way little). ur sooo sooo innovative. hats off ..
    3. i want 2 little birdies- together
    4. artsy craftsy winner – march

  9. 12. Ro, u r so sweet 🙂 And cn u announce one such giveaway 😛 U know I am eyeing that painting of urs na 😉

    Trish, I am in India. So, she will give it to me lol 😉

    U better gimme the birdies nw 😛 😛

  10. Valid means 😛
    If ppl hv won more, they cn leave more comments no 🙁
    Tell me what else can I write then 😉

    I put it on the sidebar, on twitter, on FB, wrote abt the win 😛 😛
    Wil do a post 2mrw 😉

  11. 14. Shruti, I actually forgot to wish ur baby 😛

    So here I go 😉

    HappY Bday to U 🙂
    Haapy Bday to U 🙂
    Haapy Bday to u crafty baby 🙂
    Happy Bday to u 🙂

  12. Congrats! I admit I did not read your post fully (It is 5am and I am still sleepy and yes I dropped in here first thing in the morning to see about the new challenge) but will read and comment appropriately soon

  13. OMG! Swaram has woved to win this one ;p
    Great going Shruti! 260 posts in one year is awesome :)Will come back for more comments… hehe

  14. Wowwwwwww!!this is soooo cool!!I sooooooooo want that Ganesha!!
    Artsy-craftsy winner Feb2010!
    And Swaram..stop postingcomments:P

  15. LOL!!!in that case..this one’s in response to swaram!!:P
    Shruti,I am coming to India..isi khushi mein pick me!!:D

  16. 4. Love both your paintings. But would love to get the Ganesha… Ammu loves Ganesha, just like me 🙂

  17. @Swaram: hehe. Only valid comments make it to the count for the painting.
    @Pooh: take ur time. this contest runs the Full week .
    @Priya & swaram again: Way to go! 🙂
    @R’s mom- of course!!!
    @Trish can u number the next comment that u post plsss 🙂
    @Momo’s ma: remember, each comment counts. I’ll use a perl script to count.. so won’t be able to know 3 comments in 1.

  18. Came here thru Priya…glad to be here too.

    Thats a wonderful thot on the 1st bday…lovely return gift !!!

    Whether I get to the bday gift or not, here’s wishing your blog a Very Happy Bday !!! 🙂

    I am a great Ganesha lover and love that painting of yours. Very beautifully done…I do glass paintings…

  19. I’ve seen this Artsy Crafty challenge at Swaru’s, Shilpa’s blogs and today I am here just out of curiosity. Glad the cat got curious… 😉

  20. Its tough to give competition to Swaram…but still trying my luck !!!

    Lets see…we have one more week, na !!!!

  21. Been reading a few of your old posts and just love them.

    Straight from the heart posts and your little girl is such a cutie. 🙂

  22. Swaram is on a roll
    am coming with a new idea to win her…
    i can give a indian address,so shld not be a problem…
    why dont u be lil generous,give paintings to 3 ppl.

  23. 3. I like the ganesha better

    Congrats on an awesome blog..
    Oops I don’t blog to do the other options..But planning to start soon…:)

  24. Shruti: Congrats on completing a fabulous one year !! loved your idea for the giveaway on the 1st B’day.

  25. congrats shruti… happy happy birthday to your beautiful and crafy blog…

    though I have an India address I don’t think I can even go near this superr lady Swaram 🙂

  26. 18. Ums, then it means u did nt read the post properly 😛 So, all ur comments r invalid nw lol 😉

    Shru, will we hv an artsy-craftsy this month? I am in an all-craft mood suddenly 😛 😛

  27. 20. Ums, that is the reason she has numbered the comments in the examples 😉
    See, it makes her work easier no 😛

    Shruti, I saw the changes in the rules 😉 1 month to 1 week huh 😉

  28. 21. Shruti,I really want to know what is a valid comment plssss pretty pls 😛

    Bcoz I hv left comments for FB, twitter, what I won and putting up on the side-bar. Ab kya kare 😛

  29. Wanted to say that your blog layout and the designs displayed are just fab !!! Love it so much !!!

    Actually, my elder one is your namesake !!!! And she is damn creative…just like you !!! 🙂

  30. Mons, I will number everything. Shruti has not told me that yet 😛
    She can choose what she wants dear 😀

  31. Mons, I hv read each and every word of the post many times and if u hv read my comments, I hv even asked her what a valid comment means 😉
    So, till she answers 🙂 We cn as well try our luck no 🙂
    U r welcome to read more comments too 😛

  32. Do you take classes in arts and crafts ????

    My daughter would be interested to learn a few things, online, if its OK with you.

  33. swaru, thats not a valid comment…boohoooo

    shruti, i didnt read anywhere in the rules that it needs to be numbered, na ????

  34. I loved the together painting. Came here from Swaram’s. Congrats on completing 1 yr 🙂 I love painting too. And have been following your blog silently from a long time 😀

  35. Swaru, not fair…theres no rule that says it needs to be numbered…

    Shruti, you’ll count at the end all the valid comments, right ????

    Yes, now that I am totally hooked, I am so eager to take part in Artsy Craftsy Challenge !!! 🙂

  36. Shruti, exactly what I have asked u twice already in the comment section!

    What do u mean by valid comments? is it only that we hv put up a link somewhere and we have won something? In that case, ppl who hv won more def. hv a upper hand!!!!!

    Pls reply this time!

  37. no 4 post done

    u cant just no every comment u write go read the post, u can no the valid comments like i tweeted, i shared on fb, i did a post etc

  38. Shruti, done with tweeting for today 😉
    I hope that counts 😛 I am nt sure of my comment number now 🙂

  39. @swaram: Gosh!!!! Remember only valid comments. :>
    @priya: Thank you 🙂 this number is mostly due to you guys. Hugssss.
    @R’s mom: Never underestimate the power of blog world. Thanks for the wishes 🙂 n just mail me which pic u want on ur desktop. I’ll mail u a larger pic of the same.
    @SG: hehe 100 seems unlikely. Thanks 🙂
    @Uday: Thank you 🙂
    @Trish: You have more chances. Pls number ur valid comments if u can 🙂
    thank u.
    @Goldie: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. New member on this blog. Howdy? I’m glad u delurked to say hi. 🙂
    @ambulisamma: I wish , I really wish 🙂
    @avada kedavra: Welcome here 🙂 I’m so glad u guys are leaving a comment. Nice to say hi. 🙂
    @gayatri: Thank you. 🙂

  40. Dear swaram,
    valid comments :
    1. each time u post or mention this blog contest in a post and comment abt it here – u get 1 valid comment each time
    2. Your choice ot ganesha / together 1 comment
    3. Each time u tweet abt this and comment here = valid comment.
    4. same with FB.
    5. if u have won , then u auto get that many valid comments.
    6. If a friend comes from ur blog and says i dropped in from swaram’s blog and leaves a comment thats 1 more valid comment for u.

    I agree that people who have won more have more valid comments automatically. but how many have commented?? See the spirit also counts 🙂

  41. Uma also said she saw the contest at ur blog 🙂 so thats another.. n Swaram: u r at count 9 now.
    Priya: is at 5
    Monika: 4
    Trish : 3
    Contest Open till 7th of july 🙂

  42. Shruti, sorry but u hv got my comment count wrong. Here is the rt one!


    3. I love the Ganesha 🙂

    4. I’m the artsy-craftsy user choice winner May 🙂

    5.Posted on FB

    6. Sidebar image – done.

    8. Tweeted abt this.

    July 2nd

    15. Shruti, added a link on FB today also 🙂 Good morning 🙂

    Shruti, done with tweeting for today 😉
    I hope that counts 😛 I am nt sure of my comment number now 🙂

    U decide my comment no. Shruti 😛
    But, post done 😀

    July 3rd

    10. FB done for today 🙂

    And in addition to the above, 1 point each for Avada and Uma.

    So, the total comes to 11!!!!!!

    Now here is the 12th one!

    12. Tweeted today, that is July 3rd.

    U can check again. But i now stand @ 12 comments!

  43. Congrats Shruti…. 🙂
    Your blog made my long forgotten art skills to come out 🙂
    And Gosh…. Swaram you are on a spree….. 🙂

  44. Congrats…Shruti…you are rocking..Both the painting are super good….I always admire u for you patience and artist sense….

  45. There appears to be a tough fight for the giveaway ….Heartiest congrats on the blog bday and wishing u many more successful years

  46. no 12 tweet done

    no 13 FB done

    I think I am losing to swaram anyways but I wont give up 😉 till u close this? till when is this open?

  47. Congratulations to you.. I would love to participate in the contest but looks like I will have to beat Swaram on that which is not possible

    So you have a great time and all the best to the winner 🙂

    the pictures which is left shud go to the person who wrote just ONE COMMENT .. that is MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 🙂 what say haan

  48. @ambulisamma: Sorry. rules are rules. 🙂 Hugssss. it breaks my heart to choose like this.
    @Bikramjit : LOL I wish 🙂
    @Swaram: I’ve totally lost count now!! Please be fair n tell me all the correct comments for u , umaS, monika & ambulisamma. I’m sure u r keeping count of your competition :p

  49. Shruti, mine was 16 @ last count sday.
    Bikram came from my page. So, 17 😛

    On FB today – 18

    On twitter today – 19

  50. Shru,u dnt trust me 🙁 Dint I leave out all the other comments of mine and give u the correct count @ 12. U confirmed that no 😛 After that, there are 8. U can check 🙂

    I will have to count those of the others. Except Monu and ambulisamma, nobody else is trying I think 😉

    People are coming from my blog but not saying that 😛 Did u know newmumontheblock before or else she came from mine? Am sure about Bikram though 😉

  51. 20… Posted on my food blog

    21. Mentioned on latest post on Song of Life

  52. Came here thru Swaram’s post 🙂

    If this gives one added point to swaram… hehe.. I will collect my commission from her ;))

    Congrats on ur blog’s 1st bday 😀

    All the best swaram 🙂