4th Blog Birthday

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artsy craftsy mom party

Hello my lovely readers!! ArtsyCraftsyMom.com completes 4 years today and I couldn’t be happier. Back in 2009, when I started blogging, I never realized that I would still be doing it 4 years later. But here I am .. Still blogging and loving each moment of it. Yes, Lil P updates have become lesser. As she grows up I wanted to make her updates less public and give her the privacy she deserves. Besides, the blog has grown so much .. Thank you!! Thank You, for the lovely support you’ve extended.. Thank you for the encouraging words. .. for taking part in the AC challenges month on month. .. for your likes & comments and well! for being a part of the Artsy-Craftsy Family! .

To celebrate this milestone, we will be having a month long celebration –

Super Duper Arty Party

This whole month, I will be introducing fantastic ventures to you. And since we are celebrating, each one of them has a special gift just for you. We have giveaways worth nearly 10000 rs. Isn’t that awesome? I am so excited for you! ..

Hope you all join in and make this year more fabulous than ever.
Here are all the giveaways . Please click the thumblink to go to individual giveaway page.

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  1. I wish you and your team a very happy fourth year. It is a great milestone. You are doing such a great humanitarian work to the society by molding the children at young age. I wish you many more success and i feel very happy to be your follower.

  2. congratulations and celebrations, Keep it up….lovely, innovative, fantabulous, pretty, charming …….wish you very very best best years to come.