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    • Sept 11th – Lil p turned 4. It was a very quiet affair. She took some chocolates & cake to school and day care on 9th itself. (10th was a holiday) and on 11th evening we had a mickey mouse party with a couple of her friends. The cake had a mickey mouse minnie mouse print , the plates, party hats, whistles & masks had mickey mouse on them. The return gifts included assorted mickey mouse stuff – pencils, rubber, box, a Disney CD, a mickey mouse stickers and mickey mouse chocolates. She was very clear abt who she wanted to invite for the party and how the decorations should be. She wore a red Tshirt (her fav color) with sequins n a bow and white with red polka dots shorts. I refused to buy another satin dress. Menu again was chosen by her – Puri and Chana, Chips, Mango juice & Cake. We did an aarti early in the morning, followed by an oil massage and a visit to the temple. Her maushi got her the akshi akshi baby – Little mommy doll from Fisher price.
  • Some funny incidents from that day –  Lil P and her friend G always hug each other the moment they meet.. and on that day too, as soon as G and her parents arrived.. lil p came running from the inside the room and G ran in .. n every1 went awww. But Lil p instead of hugging G , ran towards G’s parents who were holding a huge present for her. Gosh it was so embarrassing. and When G thanked me for the return gift, Lil P quipped, You should say thanks to me, I gave u the return gift. This lil Imp needs a lil talking down. But its amazing to watch a 4 year old. Lil p is so clear about what she likes, doesn’t like. Where did my lil girl go??
  • She is making up her own words – Burming (for burning) , wabbling (dunno what that means) , she can’t say fifty yet.. says fisty. morer and thats why are still her favorites.
  • She had her Jr Kg 1st PTM and it went very well. I am constantly amazed at how much she has picked up. Her teacher R said that she was very good at reading and I should encourage it more.
  • Physically shes a lil weak but I can feel her health improving. *touch wood* kala -Tika.
  • Then somewhere mid Sept she had a field trip to a farm from school. She wanted to keep pet Guinea pigs after that. Phew, glad she forgot that soon enough.
  • Right after this she announced that she wanted to go on a picnic. When asked she said –  Picnic is like a party ma. We should take one carpet, some bread butter jam and a ball to a garden ,  sit under the tree and play and eat sandwiches. Wow! Where did she learn that. So we did just that. Went to cubbon park , took a ride on the toy train, played in the children’s park, took a boat ride, watched the aquarium and then had a real picnic under the trees.
  • Last week I had gone to my hometown and had fun with my sis and cousins. Lil P enjoyed all the attention. We also went to a small water fall nearby called Amboli and had loads of fun.
  • N today is Hubby dearest’s birthday 🙂 again we have nothing great planned. I have got a few studio pics of Lil p printed on a crystal as a gift for him. Might just go out for a quiet dinner. There is long story to this too. His official bday is in July & raashi bday on 1st day of navratri.. He actually doesn’t know his real english birthdate. During our courting days 10 years back, he just suddenly said 29th Sept.. and we have always celebrated it on that day. Its our very own private celebration. 🙂 Like Lil p says Its special for me.
  • Life is hectic. But good. 🙂 Feel blessed to have such a  wonderful family around me. a major kala tika again.
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  1. Hey, Happy B’day to Lil P!!
    Lil P rushing to the gift instead of the hug – LOL!
    And she can read already!! Wow! Pattu hasn’t started yet….

  2. What a lovely way to celebrate P’s bday..and Lol on hubby’s bday date..sweet na that you celebrate it on 29th :):) wishing all you guys loads of fun always 🙂

  3. Big bigger biggest kala-tika to the wonderful family and the lil one’s health 🙂

    Ha ha ha! So, the gift ws wat she wanted huh 😉 LOL 😛 She is so sweet 🙂 I luvv fisty btw 🙂 She is different 🙂

    Wishing DadP a very happy birthday 🙂
    LOL @ hw the bday came to be – very nice and interesting 🙂

  4. Thats so sweet about Lil P. It’s hard to believe seeing them grow up and get so smart so fast.
    And V’s B’day story is really unique. I hope you all had a great time together.

  5. Happy bday to the little one and her Daddy !!! 🙂 Touchwood to the happy family. 🙂

    Shruti, all kids go thru this phase, loving the gifts more than the ppl…just give some time. I remember when my little one told that she wanted to have a bday party becos she’ll get a lot of gifts…and whenever she invited someone, she’ll remind them to bring a gift, for sure…It was embarrassing for me…but she learnt well in time. 🙂

  6. @sands : 🙂 Thank u.
    @Vini: Err His name starts with P too 🙂 I dunno why every1 started calling him v suddenly. We enjoyed the picnic and the parties and the trip a lot.
    @Uma: Not actually reading.. But picks up sight words like the at in out a an etc. They have some yellow book, red book and brown book series at school. and phonetics are encouraged. She is very interested in anything that doesn’t involve writing. Her being lefty has something to do with it I guess. has a photographic memory. n Pls don’t compare 🙂
    @SG: Thank u for the wishes 🙂
    @DilSe: Kids grow up way too fast.. 🙂
    @Sandhya: Thank u 🙂
    @R’s mom: Thank u R’s mom. 🙂 Come to think of it I need to find out the english date on 1st day of navratri of 1976.
    @UmaS: i know. a lot of my friends told it too.. 🙂
    @Swaram: Thanks 🙂 U shud come home once.

  7. Awwww Shruti,this is such a sweet post..Happy birthday to N! if its special for you,its special for us..:)
    And wowwww..wowww li’l P..is soo adorable..cheeky and cute!And she is READING!!WOWW!!

  8. Happy B’day lil P !
    Such a warm post. Liked the idea of a ‘private’ birthday too.

    “so clear about what she likes, doesn’t like. Where did my lil girl go??”
    Exactly my feelings. But there are still times that my P is a baby 🙂

  9. Hey sorry for the late wishes- have been MIA from the blog scene lately. Just writing to say a (belated) very happy birthday to lil P and her daddy 🙂 Hope they both and you have a wonderful year ahead!