Anand Vidyalaya – Crafting with wool & discarded CDs

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I want to take this opportunity to thank all the lovely people who wholeheartedly donated for this noble cause. I am overwhelmed by your response. Each week I see more and more people like you who take the time out and donate stuff that we can use. Some of you have dropped stuff at the IK store, a few have met me at (dot 5 Pm ) outside my office.. and many of you have couriered stuff. Thank you all.

This week, a kind hearted soul donated 80+ CDs .. a few people from my office donated 30 more. Then there were a few of you who sent in wool, LOTS and LOTs of wool. Thank you. Here’s what we made this week.

Upcycled CD Wool Weaving


Upcycled CD Weaving Ornament
There is a fabulous tutorial over at make it a wonderful life so I’m not going to bore you with details. It was really tough for younger kids at Anand Vidyalaya. Kids above 7yrs could manage it fairly well [ 90% of the kids at AV].Who ever completed got to play with the limited stock of glass colors & ceramic colours donated by a kind soul [ Bless your heart ] 🙂
We had a few bells, ghungroos & beads donated by some one. We used that as decoration too.  This week it was extra special because a good friend Preethi Prabhu decided to join me at the Ejipura center. Thanks Preethi for coming along. Having friends around always makes any event special. Here’s a happy pic. I’ll share the rest of the pics on FB once Preethi shares them.
AnandVidyalaya CDWeaving


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  1. Hello! I’m so happy to see your artists were able to use the CD Weaving idea from my blog! It’s been fun for me to see children from many countries try this out. Please tell your artists that I enjoyed seeing their work. 😀