And they lived happily ever after…

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.. Year 2001, S was in the last year of engineering.. & would be moving to Bangalore very soon.. Ohh how excited she was!! She would finally get to spend more time with all her friends there. And then there was PB. .. S was not sure what to make of their relationship.. PB was witty.. would have her in splits. S would wait each day to hear from him, to get his email, which came without fail. They would chat every night.. for hours together…. It was more than an year and half already since they had first met & interacted… Hmm there was something about PB that made S’s heart flutter.. It would be nice to go to Bangalore!

It was S’s 21st birthday …  today she would ask him.
Happy Birthday S!, he said.. I have some wonderful news to tell u.. S listened on as P described how he had got a great offer in a foreign country… n what a lovely opportunity it was.. All the while S’s heart sank further n further.. Ohh I am soo happy for u.. but why am I feeling so sad.. PB realized after sometime that S was quieter than usual… what about me? … S thought out loud … What about us? asked PB softly… Its your birthday and I won’t lie to you… I love you… I am serious.. will you wait for me?? I will come back.. For you. n S was happy again..

S finished college, .. moved to Bangalore, got a job .. made new friends.. PB scaled new heights each day.. they kept in contact regularly.. Each secretly spending half their salaries on ISD calls..  each year PB would come back to India to meet his family and S .. It was 2 years since S moved to Bangalore.. They were sure about this.. they wanted to stay together .. today n each day of their life.. Come with me, PB said… Lets take our parents blessings, S said… n so they both told their parents.. Both sides agreed but there was a problem… PB’s mother said … PB’s (elder) brother had to get married first and he had asked 2 years time…. can u give us 2 more years before we formalize this, they asked S’s parents…

It was time for PB to go back again… the 1 month holiday was almost up.. Atleast they did not oppose,  said S .. PB understood.. What if you change your mind after 2 years.How do I wait... asked S lamely..PB said-   Then, I won’t go back.. I’ll stay here.S exclaimed, And what will you do here?all your stuff is out there?Look at you every day, P joked. n that’s what he did. He quit his job,  n found a job with S in Bangalore..

the next 2.5 years were bliss… they loved walking hand in hand below the MG road promenade.. going for long rides .. spending time with each other.. P’s brother had found a perfect partner and had decided to settle down.. this was their cue.. dates were fixed… n on 27th Nov.. 4 years back they got married …

I fell in love 10 years ago when u came into my life…
I fell in love 8 years ago when u said you’d come back for me..
I fell in love 6 years ago when u decided to leave it all n stay back for me…
I fell in love 4 years ago when we got married ..
I fell in love 3 years ago when I saw u hold our baby in your arms for the first time..
I fell in love 2 years ago when u whisked me from office and took me to nandi hills for a surprise picnic ..
I fell in love 1 year ago when you encouraged me to go pursue my hobby again

And today .. when I woke up to you and Lil P singing “I love you, You love me, we are a happy family” !!
Happy 4th Anniversary sweetheart… Love you today and always!!

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  1. Aww this is such a mushy-mushy post 🙂
    A very happy anniversary to both of u 🙂 May u fall in love with him again and again 🙂
    Cheers to the lovely relationship 🙂

  2. Shruti: Very very lovely posts !! Reflects all your endless love. Wish you both a very happy and filled with love anniversary 🙂

  3. Hey .. that’s a beautiful love story! Lovely post!! Cheers to you guys :)Wishing you lotz of years of love n togetherness 🙂

  4. Awwwwwwwwwww such a sweet-sweet post. I read it twice.Ek baar me man nahin bhara 🙂
    Wish you very happy anniversary and lots of love.:)

  5. what a lovely post…I first thought u have written fiction ..
    Happy anniversay to both of you…May you fall in luv wiht him again and again 🙂

  6. Hey how come I missed this one????
    Happy Anniversary to you both !!
    It’s an amazing journey – marriage and if it’s with someone you love a lot then it’s all the more special…
    God bless you both

  7. @Timepass, Lostworld, Swaram, Dilse, Sakhi, Monika, Priya,sole, sands, rekha, aryan’s mom, poppin’s mom – (((((((Hugsss)))))) Thank you sooo much!!
    @Jahnavi: Thanks sweetheart!! u guys must have been really shocked when u got to know that your eldest cousin would be having a love marriage rt!!
    @Disha:haha So sweet! Thanks 🙂
    @Rashmi : welcome here… nah1 no fiction. i’m no good at it.. I just tell my stories!! 🙂 thanks for the lovely wishes.
    @mim: LOL. Actually people had to tell me to stop smiling so much and act like a shy bride!
    @Neelum- Thank you so much..

  8. OMG!!! I cried by the time I got to the ending of this post!

    God bless this wonderful couple…and all the little ones in this union 🙂

    Came here from R’Mom’s blog….