April Showers

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I am currently out of town … and this is a scheduled post. 

Found a pic of Lil P enjoying the first showers of this season..


Don’t you just love rains??? The summer this year has been terrible! and an unexpected shower does bring a lot of joy..

Whenever it rains I usually let Lil p carry an umbrella or wear a full raincoat and go splash in the puddles.. There is something magical about letting warm drops dribble down your face.. Of course, as soon as we are in, she takes a hot tub bath & drinks something warm.. I remember our childhood when we made paper boats and floated them down tiny streams.. Sometimes I get so caught up in daily worries..”What if she falls sick?” , “Who will take care of her?” Work? Office? Leaves? … I’ve learnt to let go and let her enjoy the moment..

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  1. Ah! I love this. But when did it rain in Bangalore?!! Didnt see ANY rain in HSR/BTM area that I can even show to my little one.

    That picture – she looks like she is lost and enjoying the rains 😀 Very cute.

  2. Cute pic!
    And I agree. We have to figure out some measures to prevent the adverse effects. but should let them enjoy!

  3. @swaram 🙂 thanks
    @RS: It rained for 1/2 hr in HSR 1st april .. I woke up lil P from her afternoon nap and let her enjoy it..
    @priya: I’m usually very scared of her allergies.. of her sickness and a lot of things. I’m letting go slowly.. 🙂

  4. Beautiful! Love all the colors 🙂 We could use a few April showers here in Texas, trying to stockpile all the rain we can before summer sets in