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First things first – There is a problem with the linky at ACJan . I’m working on getting that resolved. Meanwhile, if you have a project that you would like to submit, drop me an email with the link to your blog post.

Here are some of the pages on Art appreciation & Great masters by some of my favourite bloggers.

Namitha on Jamini Roy  and then we have a series of posts from UTBT – this  & this and Sheela with a Mondrian inspired craft project

And Saffron Tree has excellent reviews on books about Georgia O Keefe

Our next entry for the artsy-craftsy is by Woodooz. Preethi created this amazing Arvind Kolapkar reproduction for her home.. Though it strictly does not fall under Children’s crafts, one can explore the artist’s works and get kids introduced to it.




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  1. True… It was primarily made to fill the highlight wall in our living room… My wife saw this somewhere and was instantly in love with it. All his paintings were so rich in color and she thought it would be best to reproduce a Kolapkar work !!!

    Thanks a lot for the mention 🙂 Really appreciate the good stuff that you are doing through your blogs giving loads of encouragement to other fledgling bloggers… Keep up your good work !