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It is tough to go market yourself or your brand these days. With paid campaigns abound, it gets really hard for small businesses to get their names out there. I tried really hard but some site or FB page comes up which shares all your posts without a single post of their own.. and they have hugeeeeee following. I put in a lot of effort to write a post.. I can craft easily but to write a post that’s 300 words is very exhausting for me.  And after all the effort, if the post doesn’t reach you guys, it makes me really really sad.  So today I need your help

Social Media shout for ArtsyCraftsyMom

ArtsyCraftsyMom on Facebook

We are pretty active on Facebook – with 5400+ followers. But since FB has weird algorithms in place, hardly any of you get to see it.. What you can do to help?  – Ensure you have selected both options – Following & Get Notifications. This still doesn’t guarantee that you’ll see my post..

Artsy Craftsy Mom on Facebook

To counter this issue, I now have a new Facebook group created – The Artsy Craftsy Hangout.  Its a fun place to hangout..


Open to all moms & Dads [ Aunts / Uncles / the Young at heart] who like Art / Craft activities for kids. A group to showcase you child’s art / craft done at home .. or from their school. A place to share ideas and tips for school projects, fancy dress parties & everything Artsy Craftsy that relates to kids. I will regularly feature the crafts from the group on my Blog here..

ArtsyCraftsyMom on Google Plus

We also have our very own Google Plus page now..

ArtsyCraftsy Mom on G+

Its a new baby ..Please show it some love .. 🙂

ArtsyCraftsyMom via Email

When I moved the blog from Blogger to WordPress, I lost all my subscribers. There were more than 1000 of you who were regularly following our posts via email. Now we have 2 followers… Now I have feedburner feeds enabled. If you would like to get our posts directly delivered to your inboxes, please subscribe via email. It is easy and very effective.

Subscribe to Artsy Craftsy Mom by Email

ArtsyCraftsyMom on Pinterest

Visit Artsy Craftsy Mom’s profile on Pinterest.

ArtsyCraftsyMom on Twitter

Please keep in touch & let your friends know about us… My target is to reach 5500 + on FB , 500 on FB Group, 100 on G+ & email subscriptions , 4000+ on pinterest & 1000+ on Twitter. Will you please help me with this?


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  1. Shruti display your blog lovin follow button prominently[at top or sidebar top]. Ever since google reader became obsolete many craft blogs have switched to bloglovin. Many readers including myself dont like subscribing by email ! Good you started a facebook group.Even though I had liked your artsy craftsy page I never used to get updates from your page!

    1. Sonia, Bloglovin is not very nice to me 😉 .. Till I was on blogger, the feeds were directed correctly. Once I moved to WP, it stopped working. I have sent them an email .. hopefully it will work soon.

  2. Hi,

    The feed link at the top points to the comments feed instead of the blog feed…
    Also, please check in your wordpress settings under Reading tab(wp-admin/options-reading.php), provide full text “For each article in a feed, show Full text” instead of Summary…
    I never subscribe through mails… My feedly captures the feed automatically…