Bird Sighting at Ragihalli

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Inspired by this, we decided to go for our first bird watching expedition to Ragihalli on Sunday. Its a small town near the Bannerghatta forest area. We had no idea what to expect and just wanted to try out our 55-250mm lens. It was a nice cloudy day and perfect for photography. Since Lil P is away at my inlaws.. it was just me n hubby. We took the Nice road.. Anyone who has taken the nice road early in the morning knows what a beautiful sight it can be.. There were hardly any vehicles on the road and the quietness was very calming.

As soon as you cross the main road past the zoo, you are transformed into a rural setting and the change is drastic..

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Suddenly all you can see for acres is greenery and the air fills up with the beautiful chirping of the birds..

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we just drove really lazily.. stopping to watch each bird hop, fly, screech and flutter.. The place is amazingly rich with flora and fauna..

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We couldn’t capture them all very well.. but here are a few birds we saw.

    1.  Red Rumped Swallow
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    1. Ashy Drongo
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    1. Black Drongo
316808 2387681806613 1087857020 32827891 176556404 n
    1. White Breasted Kingfisher
310667 2387682526631 1087857020 32827895 575053348 n
    1. Mourning Dove
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    1. and the Green Bee eater
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There are many sunflower fields lining the (almost non existent) road.

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Few Tips 
  1. The road is very bad and our Indica was scraped by the hedges lining the road. Best is to go to Rama krishna ashram, and walk from there
  2. There is no food available and no shops. Carry your own stuff.

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  1. Oh.. so so lovely!! What a stunning place this is!! I’d love love to see the birdies like this… My girls will have such a good time.. *sigh*.. Wish we had places near by like these..

    Thanks for linking in today…

  2. @mani : Welcome here 🙂
    @Patty: Thanks for hosting it week after week. You are such an inspiration. 🙂 Rangantittu would be a better place to visit for Bird Sighting
    @Sharkara : Welcome here 🙂
    @iniyaal : You should visit once .. there are many varieties of birds there.