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Mil to Lil p – Are you hungry?
Lil P – NO.

Mil to Lil P – Shona, What will you eat?
Lil P – Maggi!

MIL – No maggi. Will you eat curd rice?
Lil P – No I want maggi

Me – Lil P , Will you eat curd rice or dal rice?
Lil P – Ok. Curd rice.

Kids just need to feel they are in control.. Esp with Lil p I think open ended questions are best avoided.
Its 1 am and I’m unable to sleep. This is the first time that Lil p has traveled alone to Kumta with my in laws.
Its a big step for her and mostly Me .. 🙂
She has been planning this trip since May. She took her new doll “purvi” for an “adventure”.
The bus journey was uneventful .. thankfully no vomiting sessions. She gets very car (bus) sick sometimes.
Both ajja & ajji are having a ball with P.. Tonight was her first night at Kumta without me by her side.. and there were slight hiccups.. Hopefully I was able to convince her that I’d meet her on 6th like I had explained to her earlier. I told my FIL to mark each day on the calender so that she knows for sure that I will be there.
That calmed her and she fell asleep.. But I am struggling here.. Why is parenting so tough??

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  1. lol on handling Lil P..

    take it easy Shruti (said by the one who called 5 times within one hour of sending her daughter for a play date)

  2. @Ani – This is first time that P is spending time with my inlaws.. Day 1 was tough.. Shez adjusted now..
    @Swati: I know .. I know.. But i still miss her 🙁
    @Sonia: I’m usually happy to have her spend time on her own.. we get a breather too.. But its still tough.
    @Swaram: Huggs.. Thanks gal.. I needed that.