Craft Class 7 – Olympic Fever

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The theme for this week was Olympic craft. We are all pretty excited about Olympics.. I remember watching gymnastics as a child and more recently I was following the Beijing Olympics very keenly. London Olympics is special because Lil P has also started showing interest. We watched the torch being carried by Amitabh Bachchan .

The earlier plan was to make an Olympic torch  but Lil p wanted something different.. So we made Olympic head gear instead.We cut colored circles from construction paper and then pasted onto a larger white paper rectangle. Some glue and the kids happily wore their “crowns” as they called it.

I had also printed out the gold medal on a photo quality paper and the kids stuck it onto a cardboard circle. We pinned a satin ribbon to the back and we had our very own Olympic gold medal .. We discussed about the the order of the Olympic rings, the significance of the torch & the logo on the medal..

CraftClass OlympicParty

Yesterday was a major festival for Hindus and was also a school holiday so a few kids were absent. With still time on hand, we decided to make some friendship bands as well. Foam rectangles , shiny baubles & ribbons and easy peasy friendship bands were ready.


It was an all girls gang today and while munching on snacks the kids had lots of masti..

8 IMG 9936

A good day don’t you think?

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  1. Haven’t seen Olympic ring headbands yet and great friendship bracelets! Love to have you link up with me