Day 8 – DIY Sock Doll in a saree

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DIY Sock Doll in a saree 

Saw these cute cloth dolls on a site .. and was thinking maybe we could make one too. I wanted to try this with a flesh coloured sock filled with cotton wool. Why don’t you give it a try… I am on vacation and hence leaving you with some ideas ..

Socks – Children’s stretchy socks in a nude colour , the stretchier the better. Use socks that are 75% cotton, 22% polyester and 3% spandex

Poly-fil – for stuffing the socks

Tiny rubber bands (You can find this in the hair accessories section of your department store.)

Coloured cotton pieces for the saree

Black , red sketch pen, Zari , and other decorative items


Hot melt glue gun – One that uses low temp. glue sticks

 Needle & Thread

  1. Flatten a sock so that the heel part of the sock is facing up.
  2.  If your sock has a cuff that is folded down and sewed to the sock, turn the sock inside out and carefully cut the stitching and unfold the cuff. This will make the sock longer
  3. Roll a wad of poly-fil into a ball about 4 inch in diameter and stick it inside the sock so that it is in the toe area .
  4. Use your pointer finger to press the ball up against the side of the sock so that you can see your finger shape from the outside of the sock. Grab the ball of Poly-fil from the outside of the sock and wrap a rubber band around the ball
  5. Cut off the extra area and sew in place
  6. stitch or stick the zari on the cotton piece to form the border of saree.
  7. Just like a real saree, first form the pleats on the coloured cotton sari. Stick / stick in place.
  8. Wrap around the sock doll & stitch in place.
  9. Draw eyes, mouth with marker pens.
  10. Stitch the earrings & maang tika in place.


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