Easy canvas art Teenagers will absolutely love to make

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If you have a Pre- teen or a teen at home for the summer, why not do some cool DIY projects to decorate your home? This Easy canvas art  for teens is fun and easy – and you’ll actually want to make them. Add a dash of color to any drab wall using this idea.

Easy canvas art Teenagers will absolutely love to make

easy canvas art teenager

This DIY décor idea will make your wall look really classy. Get your younger kids involved too or you can do it alone.  I made this with the help of my daughter and she just loved painting the canvas with abstract paints. It was a good 15-minute activity for my kid to express her colour choices.


Materials Needed:

  • 2 thin Canvas 9” X 12”, 16” X 20” or bigger
  • Acrylic Paints – red, yellow, orange
  • A thick paint brush
  • Masking or painter’s tape
  • Wooden Frame for the borders (you can get it framed in a frame shop too)


easy canvas art

  1. Take one canvas. Paint your choice of 2 color paints. I used Orange and yellow paints for one canvas, while a red and yellow mix of paints for the second canvas. This is where you can involve your kids to paint their color choices out.
  2.  Let the paints dry on the canvas. It will take hardly 5 mins to dry off under the fan.
  3. Once the paint is all dried up, start applying the masking tape in a pattern as shown. You can choose different patterns. Leave a space between the patterns that you make.
  4. Now paint the complete canvas with white acrylic paint so as to cover it completely.
  5. Leave it to dry for 5 to 10 mins.
  6. Once dried up, slowly remove the masking tap from the canvas.
  7. You see a beautiful pattern made with the white paint on the colorful ones.
  8. Get it framed and hang it on a wall to enhance the beauty of what you just made.

Tips & Tricks:

  1. I used a canvas to try this idea. If you want to use paper, then the masking tape might get stuck on the paper and it will get difficult to peel off the tape from the paper. It might just peel off the paper along with it.
  2. Let the paints dry completely before you start applying the tape because when you peel off the tape, the paint might also peel off.


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easy canvas art idea for teens


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[two-thirds]Shilpa Manocha is a software professional with some years spent working on Java. After taking a break from work for good, She found her new interests in cooking and painting. Her blog My Startup kitchen mostly talks about the recipes that she keeps trying and her experimental Art & Craft creations.[/two-thirds]


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  1. I want to try this….why buy expensive wall decor pieces when we can make beautiful stuffs like this with little imagination and time…..this is super cool and even people who don’t know to draw and paint can try this out.