Easy Circle Punch Art for kids

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I love creating Art for my walls at home. I especially love activities that involves my kids and still produces a classy product that can be put up on my kids room walls. I had seen this circle punch art on TaraDennis.com and really wanted to try it out with my 5 yr old daughter. So one weekend both mom and daughter sat together to create a masterpiece 🙂

Circle Punch Art Work for kidsCircle Punch Art001

Materials Needed

  • Acrylic paints (combination colours like I used Orange and Yellow, Pink and purple and yellow and green)
  • Thick brush
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Any plain white art sheet
  • 8×10 plain white sheet of paper or a bigger size
  • Frame [optional]


First secure the paint area, by spreading newspapers so that paint does not spill.

Circle Punch Art002

Take a plain white sheet and give your child a combination of colors to paint with. So I gave my daughter 2 complimentary colors at a time to paint with. This is an open ended art activity. Let your child use horizontal / vertical strokes, more paint or less paint, whitespace or none. It all makes sense in the end.

Make your kid paint the entire sheet with the paints with the combination colors here and there.

Circle Punch Art003

Repeat this for other combination colours if you would like to. We tried with orange/yellow, green/yellow and pink/purple.

Circle Punch Art004

Let these sheets dry completely. Now if you have a big circle punch, then use it like we did, but if you don’t, then take any circular container lid and draw circles at the back of the painted sheets.

Circle Punch Art005

Now start cutting out these circles and stack them separately.

Circle Punch Art007

Next take an 8×10 ( or an A4 ) sheet and stick these cut circles in neat rows and columns making sure they are all equally spaced.

Circle Punch Art008

Voila, your masterpiece is ready. We framed ours and put them up on our Nursery wall. My daughter couldn’t be happier.

So what do you think of our- Easy Circle Punch Art for kids? You can use the punch circles as a bunting, to make gift tags, Christmas decorations, the possibilities are endless. Let us know what you think in comments below.

[Here’s a pin friendly image that’s perfect for pinterest]Circle Punch Art009


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