Escapades in the kitchen

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The past 3 days have been tough.. With the cook on a long holiday, the servant having sprained her ankle, Lil P sprouting a new tooth and all escalated tasks at office! It’s been one mad rush.

And to top it all I think I’ve forgotten how to cook!!! Our cook basant has been with us for quite some time now.. And every1s got used to eating what they desire. The same scene plays out in our house each day.. I say “bhaiyya- make paratha for Lil P.. rice n dal for me.. masala chai for PC”, if my parents are in town – “2 sabji’s both gravy- less salt”. If in laws are in town I say “bhaiyya – put loads of coconut and put jaggery in everything”. Somedays the poor guy has even made 3 breakfast items.. Pink dosa for Lil P (ya!), onion dosa with aloo for PC, french toast for me! .. We have gotten so used to having him around that all 3 of us are counting days as to when he will be back.

Right now I feel like a manager who’s forgotten coding! The three experiments I dished out in the last 3 days have been mini disasters.. The cooker burst. How did that happen u ask? .. the phone rang – call from manager, the dal was put on the cooker with less water.. n at the same time P had to run to the loo. Thankfully lil P thought it was diwali @ home!! And we had fun scraping out the (burst) dal from all nooks n corners in the kitchen.. lil p’s got fun lessons on Entomology. Having dealt with various caterpillars in the cauliflower! (I’m terrified of them) ..and for the love of god! I could never figure out why the tava was labeled NON STICK when the stubborn dosa stuck to it like a long lost twin!

Hubby dearest was not too happy either when he found a papaya placed in front of him instead of his morning cuppa of masala chai! And solemnly announced that he did not know how to cut a papaya!!! For gods sake!! I’ve been up since 6 AM.. making chapatis that resemble Australia.. subji’s that faintly smell like burnt charcoal.. and now u expect me to let u get away with this lame excuse!! Get on with it man!!

But I think we have survived.. We ordered frankies one night.. Ate dosas with honey for breakfast straight 3 days.. Hubby dearest ate what I had dished out without a grumble n generally avoided asking for anything extra … Yup I think we are getting along just fine.. .now if only I could figure out how to make parathas that don’t resemble industrial rubber …

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  1. OMG! Hope its all bk to normal soon dear 🙂

    manager who’s forgotten coding – LOL 😛

    Do I dare say I did get a nice dose of humour here too 😉

  2. LOL! 🙂
    Dosas with honey 3 days straight.. WOW! I didn’t know that was even a combination 🙂

    I hope your cook returns soon. You should have written this in the ‘Domestic Disasters’ tag 🙂

  3. @swaram 🙁 he will be back only on 5th aug!! .. But it’ll give me something to write abt till then. dont u think so??

    Ohh we have weirder combos ;)!! maybe i should write a post on it too!!

  4. i felt utterly helpless after my firstborn was born, and my IL’s went out for a day.
    the mil did all the cooking up until then…
    and all i had to was give my verdict on the day’s cooking: excellent/delicious/ gimme some more…

    and that’s when i really figured out that this cannot go on, and i too must learn some thing

  5. @MIM : True. I feel helpless too. Before we kept a cook I used to cook really well.. and I had people really drooling over what I made.. Just that last few days I have been very distracted. and also that i’ve not cooked in quite some time 🙂 Today was much better n every1s happy.