Family Collage – DIY

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Lil P’s school had the monthly art/ craft challenge today. January’s theme was “My family collage”
Like always, we both had discussed big big ideas on how Lil p would make it at school. All materials had to be carried from home and Lil p had to assemble it at school on her own. we realized yesterday night ( at 11PM) that today was the day. So after a frantic run around the house we came up with this..

Family Collage DIY Craft

The pics have been deliberately blurred.
Foam sheet cut out formed the tree trunk. I used picmonkey to make a collage of all the pics in a circular shape. Cut them out. Green chart paper cutouts formed leaves. Added felt butterflies & foam flowers to complete the collage.

What do you think?

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  1. @sunehra – oh! we forget all the time! and Lil p invariably reminds us at 11pm that its due the next day! hehe. and we have loadsssssssss of IB stuff. Nice to have you here )