Family conversations…

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Now that MIL is at home alone with lil p.. some daily conversations..

Day 1 of MIL left alone at home with LIL P

Me (in a meeting): *phone rings* Hello? Amma? Tell me
MIL: TV is not working …
Me: * in hushed tones* Er? Whats wrong?
MIL: Its not working!!
ME: Huh? What can u see on the screen??
MIL: something green..
ME: green?? Ok do 1 thing.. press the on/off button in the smallest remote – we have 3 [ 1 for Tv, 1 for DVd & 1 for tata sky] ..
MIL: the red button??
Me: Was it red? No that’s the tata sky remote.. pick the smallest 1 .. after 5 mins.. hello?? Amma? What happened?
MIL : Ok TV started. But its grey.
Me: Ok.. Pick the taka sky and switch it on.
MIL: Where is the ON button??
ME: Red button
MIL: The red button at the bottom??
ME: Bottom?? Oh you are holding it upside down.
MIL: ok ok. Switches it on
ME: Now press channel button.
MIL: which one??
ME: up down button at center right.
After 5 mins of futile navigation on the tata sky remote..

MIL: Still Not working!! What shud I do??
ME: ask Lil P.

2 seconds later a excited Mil says…
ah! She switched it on..

ME: wondering why I didn’t think of this before!!

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  1. LOL!!! Could not stop laughing aloud at this one! I can sooooo relate to this coz its almost the same story at our place with no one else but us knowing how to switch on the TV. I’m waiting for little N to grow old enough to do it ourselves and teach others too 🙂

  2. That was funny!

    Well, the moral of the story is – multitasking may not yield effective solutions on the very first attempt 🙂

  3. @Mohan – Very true 🙂
    @Pixie, swati, lostworld, elegant chic & AJ: hehe. thanks!
    @Swaram: Much better. will go to school from tomorrow. 2 weeks leave!!
    @Divs: its so much better once they start doing things on their own 🙂 The kids of today are technologically advanced!

  4. lol!
    even my baby param knows where we hide the remote, away from his prying fingers — and checks there first!