Flower Garden and a story

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There was a little girl (Tina – Lil P’s fav doll ) who loved to be indoors all the time. She loved to play with her dolls and watch TV all the time . Her mom always told her to go out and play but she liked it better indoors. So one day mumma said,Tina, come;  lets go for a picnic. Tina was very excited. Mumma took her to a beautiful garden.
There were lots of colorful flowers there. Mummma who made these lovely flowers? she asked.
So mumma told her a story. One day , long long time ago .. There were no colorful things on earth. It was all dull and grey. All the children on the earth were very sad.
They looked up and saw that the Sun had lots of things to play with –
There was a beautiful rainbow, there were soft cottony clouds, there was the blue blue sky. Ohhh We wish we had something that colorful too, they sighed. Now the Sun loved children very much and he did not want them to be sad. So he said.. I’ll make pretty things for you too. but you need to promise to take good care of them.
He  made poinsettia, roses and hibiscus
He  made the lovely birds of paradise , marigold and lilies
define marigold 1images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTscvr3WgZ9 r1Onlfn8TpwGda1gCmJKcqJMwzT3YO3oCl6ShmY
He picked up yellow and made sunflowers
images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRAohpR2N3CI ZH0pgg8IibSK533EeZ38AOjkvbRLJjPlauJigkzw
Some pink lotus & gerbera
lotus flower
images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRjHOKYsPTppShHh5aSO8dICovravUPmhevVJRA2eWopFjng 9mQ
With the blue, he made some hydrangea
with indigo he made some ipomea
images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSVgeEMzCPOsB0kZiE6q1nP3JmalJdjtfX1QwPfocvI XHNP76cEw
When the beautiful flowers filled the earth,  The butterflies came and the birds came too. 
and all the children were happy again 🙂

Lil P loves to gaze at her magic garden [ thats what she calls this ] and hear this story every night.
She can also recognize these flowers by their names. My mom is a avid gardener and has many flowering plants and Lil P is enjoying her practical botanical sessions..

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  1. So refreshing to come here and read your blog once again..Bye, I hopping to read whatever I missed 🙂
    And lots of love to little cutie Lil’P!

  2. Nice cute lil story 🙂 M sure LilP is enjoying the new look. And hands on learning and experiences are always enjoyable and easy to remember 🙂 Lucky that she is getting it from granma..

  3. @Disha : heyyyyyyy 🙂 i’m so glad u r blogging again.
    @Priya: yup.. she enjoyed her holidays..
    @putti amma: Ohh.. Will check it out soon.
    @Misty snow: Hiiiiiiiiii . welcome here.