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Make math learning fun for kids- Learn fractions using our Paper Plate Fraction Flower Craft + a fun Giveaway by Cuemath that you don’t want to miss!


Math homework.

How do those two words make you feel?  More importantly, how do they make your child feel?

At our home, it’s either overwhelmingly hard or frustratingly boring.  What’s a parent to do?

ArtsyCraftsyMom that I am, I try to make every subject fun when I can. So, when my daughter was struggling with Fractions at school, I made a fun craft to make the concepts more visual for her.

Math is not a problem to be solved but a concept to be understood!


DIY Pretty Fraction Flower Craft using Paper Plates

These Fraction Flowers are a fun way to learn about and to practice fractions. They are also great for learning fraction equivalents. 

To make them, print out the fraction circles on a yellow paper. Gather some sketch Pens, scissors & glue to assemble them. We made: 1 whole, 1/2, 1/3, ¼, 1/5, 1/6, 1/7, 1/8, 1/9, & 1/10

Fraction Flower Craft 1

Download the printable for free here Part 1 & Part 2

Using crayons, sketch pens or watercolors paint the paper plates in different colors. I wanted to keep each fraction family a separate color for easy distinction.

Fraction Flower Craft 3

Cut out each fraction circle and glue them onto the center of the colored paper plate.

Fraction Flower Craft 5

You can add a green craft stick as a stem if you want to make them into flowers.

Fraction Flower Craft 7

Once the glue is dry, cut the plates along the fraction lines apart.

  Fraction Flower Craft 11

Using the Fraction Flower Craft to learn

Learning fractions can be incredibly challenging for kids. But visuals make understanding them so much easier. 

How is it that 1/2 is bigger than 1/4 when a 4 is bigger than a 2? By placing each petal next to each other, kids can visually distinguish this fact.

Cuemath 4

Next, challenge them to build each a complete flower by finding the correct number of petals to complete each whole. 

These paper plate fraction flowers are REALLY fabulous for addition and subtraction as again, by touching and moving the pieces they can find out the answer for themselves and problem solve when it doesn’t quite work.

Now, wasn’t that fun?? I love using Art & Craft to teach STEM concepts – check out 20 Enjoyable Math Crafts and Activities for World Maths Day 

Making Math Fun!

Little kids naturally love counting, sorting, doing puzzles, and discovering patterns. This ability needs to be nurtured and encouraged from a young age.

When a subject is fun and engaging, kids associate it with positive feelings and their confidence levels naturally rise by that Aha-moment! when they can finally understand a math concept.

However, many parents don’t get time for this approach, thankfully programs like Cuemath come to our rescue.

Why Cuemath?

Cuemath 2

Cuemath is an Edu-Tech start-up funded by Google. It is a Mathematics Learning Platform for kids from grades Kg to 10th and is available both Online (Live one to one) and offline in 10+ countries, including UK, USA, UAE, Canada, Singapore, India, and more!

Cuemath has carefully designed the math learning programs for all age groups and to date has achieved 94% satisfied customers, 40k+ students, and 25 million classes.

Excel In Math with the Cuemath Method

Cuemath 2 1

I believe that Math can be better learned in the presence of a trained math teacher;

  • Cuemath has handpicked Math experts, teachers with proven records to ensure your child receives the best coaching
  • The mentors who coach include professionals from the top shelf, CEOs of large corporates and IITians, rest assured that our child will only receive the best
  • Cuemath ensures this with all their programs –Even the virtual teaching always has a personal touch and a two-way dialogue
  • Cuemath has developed its own puzzle cards and tab exercises to sharpen a student’s analytical skills and logical reasoning while having fun!

Learning under Lockdown – Free Math Tutorial

Schools might have shut down, but learning goes on and parents have this added responsibility on themselves.

Cuemath 1 2

Cuemath understands the importance of the continuation of studies of your child in these times of crisis due to the Coronavirus. Schools have closed for classes KG to 5th and parents like me are wondering how to keep kids learning in fun ways. go ahead, book a Free Demo Class. 95% of the students have overcome the fear of math with Cuemath. Enroll now and see the change. Math Learning for KG to 8

And there is one more offer to encourage you to sign up –

We have a Special giveaway for Readers


Each Cuemath Teacher is equipped with Cuemath’s Math box that consists of a number of teaching aids that help kids understand math better. Check the video to check out what a Math box is–



Normally, these boxes are only available with the teachers but Cuemath is offering a unique opportunity for 5 lucky readers to own one. Imagine the possibilities!

Cuemath 3 2

Steps to be taken to participate in the giveaway contest :

  1. Sign Up for the Free Class – Click the appropriate link 
  2. Share this blog post on social media platforms tagging @cuemath @artsycraftsymom & use hashtag #CuemathGiveaway 
  3. Tag your friends on our Facebook post.  More tags = a higher chance to win.

We are giving away 5 such boxes to 5 lucky parents who will be chosen by random draw. The more times you share or tag, the more entries you earn. 

*Giveaway ends 12 Noon (IST) on Saturday, 18th July 2020 (Now Extended)

** Giveaway open to people residing in the Indian Subcontinent only. Free online classes available worldwide. 

*** The math Boxes will be delivered to the winners once the Cuemath offices reopen. Tentatively end of July only. 

Now, Isn’t that exciting?? I hope you let your friends and family know about this fun chance to win. The Free classes can be scheduled at your own convenience and are completely free of cost. No obligation. 

This post & giveaway is sponsored by Cuemath. As always, all opinions are my own. 
**As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made through this site. Thank you!



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