Free Christmas Printable cards for Storytelling and Memory Game

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Our Last & final Printable for Christmas is here. This time, I have

Free Christmas Printable cards for Storytelling and Memory Game.

When it comes to boosting your child’s memory nothing works better than memory games.  And when the same Christmas Printable Storytelling cards can be used as a  prop for Endless open-ended story sessions with your child, for me that’s a winner!

Christmas Printables long 2

The purpose of these games is to improve your memory, thinking, reaction time, and cognitive ability. These games are especially important later in life to keep these factors strong. 

You’ll need 

  • Christmas card stock paper
  • printer
  • scissors
  • contact paper or laminator (optional)


The above image is just a sample and you can print the High-Resolution image that is available for download when you subscribe to our Newsletter.


 To print the images, just right-click on them and save to your computer.  Then open them and print.  You will need to print two copies of each page for the Memory game.  

Christmas Printables Step 16

Cut them out and you are ready to play!  If you’re wanting them to last, I would suggest laminating them.

How to use the cards for Memory Game

Memory has long been a favorite game for all generations. It is easy to play, in fact, it is so simple that really young children can play with ease.

It requires observation, concentration and a good memory to win.

Christmas Printables Step 17

Rules – 
The objective of the game is to collect the most matching Christmas cards. Shuffle the cards. Lay out the cards face down in rows. The first player chooses 2 cards and turns them over. If the two cards are a matching pair, he picks up the pair & has another go at it until he picks up unmatched pair .. then it passes to the next player until all cards are picked up.

How to use the cards for Story Telling:  

 Storytelling isn’t just fun for kids; it boosts creativity, communication skills, and literacy. These enchanting picture cards inspire kids to concoct silly, suspenseful, and remarkable tales. They work as a Great travel toy, too.  There are many developmental benefits to storytelling.

Storytelling helps kids communicate their thoughts and feelings while processing information, they are learning about their world. It helps them understand and empathize with people unlike themselves. And it helps them hone their planning and sequencing skills. For this game, you take one card at a time and build a story, with each random card determining the direction of the story.


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