Free Printable Family Bingo Card set

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I am having so much fun creating printables over the last month. Our latest is our

 Free Printable Family Bingo Card set.




BINGO is a favorite game at our home to play with Family!  With a 5×5 grid and colorful, cute pictures our games are a great way to add fun to your learning.  These BINGO games are just the right size for your preschoolers.  

kept it simple  and made 6 boards & one set of cards to draw.These are perfect to use for a party game or in a classroom. They are of a generic theme  and can be used as part of a birthday celebration too.

Printable set contains 

  1.  6 Player Bingo Boards
  2.  Set of 25 cards to draw

Free Printable Family Bingo Card set1

To set up 

  1. Download the PDF 
  2. Print pages 2 – 7  on an A4 sized cardstock,
  3. These bingo cards look great when printed out on computer paper but they look fabulous when printed out on cardstock.
  4. You can even use different colors of cardstock to create a whole new look. 
  5. You can choose to laminate the 6 boards so that you can use them again and again.
  6. Print 2 copies of Page 8 . One for the board & one for the cards.
  7. From one of the printouts, Cut  the 25 cards along the black outline,  shuffle and place upside down.
  8. Place colourful pom poms in a bowl & give it to each player. Free Printable Family Bingo Card set2

To Play 

  1. Minimum # of players requires is 2. 
  2. Distribute the boards randomly to each family member.
  3. Keep colourful pom poms in a bowl with each player.
  4. Each of these bingo cards is different and has a random selection of pictures 
  5. Place the 25 cards inside a wide jar or hat.
  6. The caller draws a card from a jar, and players marks the space off on their card.
  7. We used pom poms to mark it. If your sheet is laminated, you can give non permanent markers to strike off. 
  8. The first person to have a straight line vertically, horizontally or full House is the winner.

Playing together is an almost magical way to build connection.  It’s one of the fastest ways to heal bad moods and keep kids occupied.  At home, playing games, brings our family into sync. Since both me & my hubby are away from our daughter the whole day, playing together at the end of the day has brought us so much closer.  It has created a happy feeling in your home.  So go ahead, download our free Bingo card & let me know what you think. 

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Family Bingo game Free printable

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