Fun Foods For Fussy Little Eaters – Smita Srivastava + Giveaway

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Fun Food fussy little eaters cover

Fun Foods For Fussy Little Eaters 

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Fruit & Veg 

by Smita Srivastava (Author) , William Reavell (Photographer)

I’ve known Smita Srivastava through her blog, The Little food Junction for over 4 years now.. It helped that we both started blogging around the same time and saw our kids ( the blog & our daughters) grow and evolve over the years..To say Smita has magic in her hands would be an understatement. She has  participated in, sponsored many a ArtsyCraftsy challenge and is a winner too. I am always amazed by her creativity & photography skills. So when she announced that her book was getting published, I couldn’t wait to get a hold of a copy for myself.
This is what arrived in my mail box this weekend… A signed copy of her latest book – Fun Food for Fussy Little Eaters.


smita srivastava note

The Book ‘Fun Food For Fussy Little Eaters’ revolves around the  central theme of her blog-  to make  food more visually appealing and to entice children to be more adventurous. Her ideas have been very popular at our house. Miss P loves the cute food creations.

fun food for fussy little eaters

This is not a cook book, so if you are looking for recipes, you will be disappointed. But this book is a treasure trove of very simple ideas that use everyday fruits & vegetables and present it in a way that appeals to all children – Big & Small. You might wonder, why buy the book when there are so many ideas on the blog itself? But that’s where you are wrong again. The book shows a lot of new ideas , each broken up into easy to follow 5 steps along with complete pictures. It also carries a little intro on the edible creation & the complete ingredient list.
This book is fun and  quirky and is neatly divided into chapters based on themes – Fun at the zoo , Fairy Tales, Happy Holidays , and much more.  For me , this book will serve as a quick reference for afternoon activities with miss P, creating edible masterpieces as we bond over our love for artsy -craftsy creations..

To know more about the Author & the book read the interview with her publishers

To buy it in India – Use the Flipkart or links. For US / UK residents – I also have the link

The book is also available
on –  Bookdepository , Rylandpeters, Barnes and Noble ,
Saxo , Radiotimesbookshop, GuardianbookshopKennys,
Telegraph bookshop and also at selected stores worldwide.

Now the Fun part ….

Smita is giving away 2 copies of her book at her blog and the Worldwide Giveaway is open till 8th Nov’13...Do follow the easy steps mentioned in the post to win…

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  1. By seeing and go through your fun foods, now I realise it is true to say that little kids eat with thier eyes first and then with thier mouth. Amazing art work with food, innovative, creative, even my fussy eater will also relish it definitely. Keep it up……

  2. giving me ideas… Have you tried creating e-book or publishing on paper, Shruti.. You have already ample DIY crafts in your blog.. Maybe pick some and hide the post here, and give link to the published book.. 🙂

  3. Wow this is ingenious! Think I’m just going to order it online! I never win Giveaways 🙁 and this is too good to miss. Every day i’m racking my brains to feed the naughties!