Graduation day

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Yesterday was the last day of Sr. Kg for Lil P.. in two months time, she will be going to Grade 1.. How soon time flies. Still feels like yesterday when we were leaving a 2.5 year old baby in her nursery class for the first time. I wasn’t blogging back then so I don’t have any recorded memory of that day.. Lil P could barely speak, was not yet 100% potty trained.. and It was a BIG school.
But it was amazing to watch her go quietly with a shy smile, into her class and she never cried.. Not once. 🙂
I think the school and the teachers have a lot to do with that. It has been a good 3 years so far. She is doing quite well at school and I’m proud of this happy confident young lady. As a culmination to pre-primary, the school held a graduation party for all the kids. The kids had poem recitals followed by a graduating ceremony.

Here’s Lil P getting her certificate from her principal maam..

Graduation+day 001

Here’s a collage of all the activities that happened today.. Lil p was in a poem recital about planets.. and she was dressed as Mercury.



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  1. Awwww awww and awww yet again. Isn’t it simply wonderful, how they grow up so fast? She looks so bright and happy. No pics of her as Mercury? Hrit Naisha have their’s this Friday.

  2. My daughter loved her playschool too and you are right it has a lot to do with the teachers. She will joining the Big school this month and I hope she loves this one too. Love to lil P….