Grandparents Egyptian party

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Lil P’s school had a grand party today. It was a party exclusive for granparents and kids. No entry for parents!! Lil P’s granparents ( both maternal & paternal stay in different cities… ohh so far away!) so I called up the school if someone else could attend instead.They agreed. But who do I invite??? Lil P used to stay with a family friend of ours, Asha aunty,  while I was at work for nearly an year before she moved to a day care this may. Aunty readily agreed and was so overjoyed at being a part of lil P’s party, it touched my heart. Even Uncle agreed to come cos he and Lil P were really close. It was soo sweet of them. I will be eternally thankful to them for this day.
The theme was egyptian, and the school was decorated like a scene right out of egypt.. some pics..

It was so much fun. Lil P’s class danced to ‘walk like an egyptian’ , sang ‘Jana gana mana’ and some rhymes. It was their first public performance and it was sooo cute to watch. [We were also allowed inside once we reached the venue] . Lil P was ok till she noticed me n then she started crying and refused to go back. Anyway it was fun watching all the kids get so excited. The school also showed videos of kids saying “I love you grandpa – grandma” Her grandparents would have loved it..
They also painted some egyptian mirrors, ate some snacks and had a great time.Lil P’s antics captured on the mobile.
grandparentsparty lilP

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  1. That is creative! Good to see schools adapting to new ways to teach kids through the parties like this.

    I can see the joy in everyone’s face! Nice start Lil ‘P’ 🙂

  2. Wow! That ws so nice on the school’s part 🙂 Grandparents indeed r special na 🙂

    Very nice of u dear to hv called upon
    Asha aunty and glad they visited too 🙂
    Hugs to Li’lP 😀

  3. interesting lil one’s day care has grandparents day this Thursday too…his gp’s will go with him :)!

  4. @Mohan:The senior kids came dressed as egyptian kings n queen.. they had a fancy dress competition.

    @Swaram: Thanks. Lil P was soooo happy to see Aunty n Uncle there.

    @Sole: Soo lucky! I’m sure the GPs will love it. wish my parents / inlaws were in town too.

  5. how fun. It is a blast to have grandparents around. grandma went to spend this weekend with her sister and the kids couldn’t wait for her to get back.

  6. @lostworld: Hehe. me jealous too!! But thats the best part of having kids.. u get to live ur life all over again and this time its much more fun!

  7. what fun! and whole school looks like mini egypt! very cool!

    we actually called Cubby’s grandma from pune and the stupid school cancelled it thanks to the swine flu scare! bah!

    and very sweet of the neighbours! am sure they were equally touched by your gesture!

  8. @Mama-mia 🙂 Welcome here. Isn’t Cubby just 2 years old?? He goes to school already?!!! 🙁 so sad that his ajji came all the way from pune and event got cancelled.. i’m sure she would have loved to be a part of his school’s activities.