Handprint Chicken with Chicks

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When a recent magazine approached me for some of the older crafts they wanted to feature, I was in a dilemma.. The crafts were very old & I had really small pics of the same. But they were all fun projects and I thought why not try them again with Lil P. We’ll have fun and I could take better pics of the same. Here’s one such project we tried recreating. The hand-print chicken.. One of Lil p’s favourites 🙂

Handprint+Chicken sml

We used acrylic colors and our hands to create this simple craft.. Lil p wanted chicks this time around.. So two circles and we had a chick ready.

What do you think? We are recreating a lot of older crafts .. which one would you like to see a tutorial for? 

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  1. Hi! Very cute craft!

    I found your post while searching for chick ideas for a storytime. This one is great!

    I would love to invite you to visit my site, Storytime ABC’S, and check out my Eggs and Chicks ABC’S Blog Hop which features Activities, Books, Crafts, and Snacks (ABC’S) of Eggs and Chicks. I think your Hen and little chicks would fit right in, don’t you?

    I also have a Frog ABC’S Blog Hop and a Bugs ABC’S Blog Hop (it just started today) that you might be interested in linking a post to also.

    My site URL is: http://librarystorytimeabcs.blogspot.com and the blog hop buttons are on the right hand side.

    I hope you will visit and link up. I love your creativity!

    Have a lovely day!