How to make a Solar System Mobile Model

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When children begin to learn about the concept of the solar system, understanding the galaxy and the fact that planets orbit the sun, can be a difficult and overwhelming idea to grasp at first. However, concepts can be developed and their understanding can be boosted by helping them build a model of the solar system. The homework stated that Lil p needed to make a Solar system mobile. Sometimes these home projects are more for the parents than for the kid to do. I would have been happier making a real working model of the solar system but they wanted something cute. and Lil p LOVESS cute. 

How to make a Solar System Mobile Model

We stopped at our favorite store Itsy Bitsy & picked up the assorted thermocol ball pack. We bought a mix pack & a medium size pack of 4.





We also assembled our materials at our craft table

  1. 1 large thermocol ball for the sun
  2. 8 planet thermocol balls in varying sizes.
  3. Poster colours โ€“ Red, Yellow, Blue , Green, black
  4. Pipe cleaners for the sun & placeholders for the other planets.
  5. Glitter
  6. Glue,
  7. Wool
  8. Star stickers
  9. scissors
  10. Cardboard
  11. & some jingling bells.

Firs Lil p coloured each planet โ€“ Mercury was silver , venus yellow, Earth in blue & green, Mars was red, Jupiter pink, Saturn was yellow brown orange with pipecleaner rings, Uranus & neptune were grey blue again.

We then made a hole through each planet & passed a pipecleaner through it. One end we twisted 2 bells & the other end we tied a woolen thread. For the sun we added extra pipecleaners for the rays. Lil p had a field day adding glitter to the planets.



Finally we tied them all together to form a mobile. Here is a short video we took of the craft. When we started, I really did not think Lil p could make something like this on her own or it would interest her. But Surprisingly we were both at it for nearly 3 hours (including drying time). She loved making it. So did I. The colours were added by her. Once we tied the planets to the cardboard LiL P suggested that we paint the top black to represent space & then we added other stars & planets to represent other galaxies.

 What was the last project you made with your child for school? What are your thoughts about the school projects that your child gets home? Tedious? Painful? or happy to do it? Share your thoughts with us.



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  1. we had tried to purchase the assorted ball packet in bangalore. we had been to three different store of Itsy Bitsy. We had even requested to be brought in atleast but to no avail..

    any other ideas for the solar system?