Jamini Roy Coloring pages

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I have created 3 Jamini Roy coloring pages specially for Artsy-Craftsy-Jan.. Feel free to download and print.
You can download the PDF from here .  This is intended for personal use only. Kindly do not distribute or use for commercial purposes without my permission. I do not hold any copyright over the original images and all credit goes to Jamini Roy for creating these masterpieces.

Once printed, you can encourage your child to color in the original color scheme or let them use their own imagination.. Encourage the use of natural earthy colors. Here is a sample coloring scheme for you to start off with .

Images from the web..
The coloring pages can also be traced onto a canvas board using yellow carbon paper and then painted upon using acrylic colors.

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  1. Hi Shruti

    Thanks for the mail and am too glad to see Jamini Roy here as he is one of my favourites. It’s a pleasant surprise coz I just finished a Jamini Roy. Yet to give it to frame. I so Love Jamini Paintings. Lil A also is in the process of creating a Jamini painting. We very often paint together. She is yet to colour it.

    And Shruti, I did drop here to wish you a Happy New Year in ur New Year post:)))

    Thanks and Best Wishes

  2. Thanks shruti for the mail and for the colouring pages.Will soon download as kids are having pongal holidays,will keep them busy…

  3. @anuradha: Welcome
    @Deepa: Ohh don’t forget to link up both your artworks. Would love to have you back in Artsy-Craftsy.
    Its already 9 days since new years 😉
    @Trish: Hope kiddo likes it.
    @Smita: Do share a pic when she paints it.
    @Saritha: ahh that should keep them busy. 🙂 Glad you like them.