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Shruti is a writer, photographer, DIY lover, passionate homemaker, and the chief dreamer at ArtsyCraftsyMom.com . Shruti lives in Bangalore, India with her husband and daughter. She loves showcasing fun art activities, crafts for kids, celebrations, childrens books & all the craziness that is India.


  1. R's Mom says

    Girl..are you for real!! how do you come up with such awesome ideas!!! amazing! and the Ganesha does have a sense of peace when we look at him 🙂 lovely!

  2. Swaram says

    The jellyfish is so cute and I so luv ur Ganesha paintings. He does bring good fortune and here’s me wishing u much more of it 🙂

  3. MindfulMeanderer says

    @Sands 🙂 The costume that we get for rent in bangalore are pathetic. I like to create the costumes myself. Most ideas are simple to implement.
    @OM: Of course!! Share a pic 🙂
    @chox: Thank you. The school has this dress to school quite often. Way cheaper n a lot more fun to make costumes at home
    @Nithya: Thank you.. n saw that u ar now following me on FB 🙂 huggs. Thank you.
    @Boo: mail me ur address pls..
    @Ani: Thank you. U guys had seen it already on FB.
    @Preeti: i love the little fellow. I want it! want it! want it! 🙂
    @R’s Mom: Hey1 I just googled for a costume.. lot of ideas
    @Swapna: Thank u.
    @Thendral: Thank you. Welcome here 🙂

  4. saritha says

    Jelly fish costume looks so cute,next time for the kid will pick up ur idea of jelly fish for fancy dress competition.

    btw from where u take out time to do so many things,baby,blog,crafts etc…. u r a super women 🙂

  5. noon says

    First time here. I loved your Ganesha picture. How do you do it – man it must feel so good to be able to draw something so complicated so well. I do draw some but “atta copy” type drawings – but this one – don’t think I can even copy – the eyes are the hardest. To get that sense of peace in the eyes.

  6. Sandhya says

    Shruti..the jellyfish is so pretty! May I steal the idea if required in the future? U r so creative!
    The ganesh is stunning and I hope he continues to bring you more luck!

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