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10 things I’ve learnt in the last few years

  1. When I & PC decided to get married, dad said – “This is the biggest decision in your life. If you have made ur decision, we are there to support you. Today and every day in ur life.” .. and he has kept his promise ever since! I so love u dad!! – I learnt that you have to extend support in times when things are ok .. and when they are not. And family is all about being there for each other.
  2. When lil P was born, my mother came to stay with us and said “I’m here for u.. I had to leave my job when your sister was born. I had no help. You do.” She stayed for 1.5 years till lil P was old enough to stay with a family friend. – I really appreciate the sacrifices you had to make when we were kids. I learnt what being a mom was all about.
  3. I realized that PC is an amazing father and a loving husband. I’ve seen him wake up without a grumble at odd hours when either P or me have been sick. I realized that I can’t always be right and I have to trust him and give him his space.
  4. I realized that there are a lot of things I can learn from my younger sis too! She was always the lil 1 in our house and I was always the 1 giving advice! [not that she listened to any of them]. Once, after a few days of lil P being sick, pressure at office, PC coming home late – it got too much to handle and I blamed PC for everything that was wrong in my life! – My sis was the one who made me see that I was equally at fault and shud put some effort instead of losing my patience. I realized that my sis was a mature and grown up woman. And I was so proud of her that day.
  5. I realized that I am good at multitasking and have good organization skills. I have learnt that my first priority is my family and then office. When I’m at office from 9 – 6, I give it my best.. And when I’m home I try to get involved in all that lil P does.
  6. I have learnt that it’s ok to ask for help and its important to have a good support system. Now when Lil P cries at 10 PM for a banana and I don’t have it at home. I approach my neighbours.. and its ok to do that.
  7. I have realised that each person has something new to teach.. If he is good.. I learnt that I should try to be as good.. n if he is bad .. I learnt that I should not be commiting the same mistakes.
  8. I have learnt that each person has his own sense of what is right and what is wrong and he/she should be respected for that.
  9. I realized that all things in life cannot be planned. God has some surprises to throw at you from time to time.. and you have to graciously accept it and move on
  10. I have learnt that every kid is special and will learn things at his or her own pace. It’s not ok to compare. I have realized that they grow up way too soon and that each moment is to be cherished and enjoyed!!

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  1. This is a beautiful post Shruthi .. small things which we may never ever give a thought to but they teach us so much!