Lil p’s art – My family

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 Made entirely by Lil p – Tempera paint on A4 sheets. 🙂 Inspiration for the Artsy-Crafsty-Mar

The family – dad in Blue, Mom and Lil p in red. Its a happy family mumma. See my smiley?
Mumma & me dancing.. look at my longggggggg hair mumma. 

Looking at these stick figures gives me so much Joy!. I am overweight.. and keep feeling conscious about it. And here my 4 year old draws a simple picture of me as she sees me… She sees the smiles, the joy, The fun.. and not mumma’s looks. Bless u my lil 1. This shall remain a favorite painting for a long long time.

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  1. lovely… she is very clear with the colors. blue for daddy and red (family of pink) for you both.. wishing her to draw more n more n more..

  2. This is so cute!! Lets see if N wants to draw the family, will send an entry if he does 🙂

  3. This is soo cute!! lets see if I can get Babushka to draw one 🙂 She keeps drawing so many things now..and also a couple happy family pics..lets see if she will do it on demand!:D

  4. Cute :)Indeed priceless painting!
    Ammu loves to draw and most of them have these stick figures..esp depicting herself n Adi 🙂


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