Little Red Hen Collage – Wall art

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I love surprises and there was one waiting for us when I  reached home from Office. A Box full of goodies from the Itsy Bitsy store. There were pompoms, icecream sticks, coloured match sticks, pipe cleaners, foam circles, googly eyes, feathers and many other goodies. We couldn’t wait to craft with them.

Little Red Hen Collage – Wall art


To make one of your own You’ll need

  • Icecream sticks in various colours
  • Pompoms in different colours
  • Pipecleaners in brown & green
  • crepe paper
  • Blue crayon
  • A3 sheet in white
  • Corrugated flowers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Yellow paper
  • craft match sticks
  • Foam dots
  • Yellow feather
  • Googly eyes

To make

  1. Colour the A3 sheet blue
  2. Using strong glue or a glue gun, stick the icecream sticks to form fence posts
  3. Line a horizontal stick to make the fence
  4. Make a sun using yellow paper & match sticks – A yellow coloured paper circle with some red matchstick rays
  5. Twist 2 pipecleaners & form the tree trunk –
    We took two brown pipe cleaners, bent them in half and then twisted the ends to form a tree.
    Stuck this in between the craft sticks.
     The tree wouldn’t stick using fevicol, so we had to use a glue gun to set it in place.
  6. Cut some pom pom & paste the fuzz like the tree using glue – This is the best part about pom poms.  They turn into this fuzzy downy mass that’s awesome to craft with. We cut two green large pom poms in the middle to make some fluffy leaves for our tree.
  7. paste some corrugated flowers on the fence
  8. Next we cut the green pipe cleaner to form the stalk of the flowers.
  9. Pom pom in the middle
  10. Blue pom pom cut up forms the clouds
  11. Then we roughly cut out some green crepe paper and stuck it at the bottom to form the grass.
  12.  The foam circles formed the little red hen .. and fluffy yellow tail feathers completed our picture
  13. Googly eyes & foam piece cut for beak & crest.


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  1. Hi, I came from itsy bitsy, you have such a nice blog full of vibrant colours and happy images. am your new follower. I craft for my son’s school projects and do mainly recycled/altered projects. hope you’ll pop in for a lil visit and a few tips esp how to link with challenges etc. I would also like to invite you to join my blog