My paintings

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I have had no formal training whatsoever in painting. I use charcoal & color pigments to create the canvas. Each painting is 2ft x 3ft.

You like???


“Radha Krishna”
“The Bride”
“Heer Ranjha”
“Radha Krishna”

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      1. My pleasure.. I really loved your work.
        I realized you’re also in Blr. I think I’ll sign up for your classes .. 😉

        Hehe. let my daughter complete 5 years then I can start painting big stuff again.

        I don’t have your e-mail ID, send it to me & I shall e-mail my teacher’s details immediately!
        Thanks for your teacher’s details.. I sooooooooo want to learn it.

  1. Boy!! you are simply superb. And like swaram i liked “innocence” and the “the bride” a lot. And Also “Ganesha” The shading is too good! 🙂

    Thanks. 🙂 ganesha is my mom’s fav!! My parents have put it up in the pooja room in my native n actually put flower everyday to it. Innocence is my hubby’s fav.. cos I had made it for him (before marriage) .. n The bride is my fav bcos it was my first!!

  2. They’re beautiful. I love “the bride.” I paint too but have never tried charcoal. Actually I am not sure how this works. Could you please post a link to the kind of charcoal you used? thanks!

    🙂 sure I’ll do a post.. maybe i’ll show a simple painting in steps too.. Charcoal I used is vine charcoal or powdered charcoal. Its available in art supply stores. Not sure where in blore. I buy it from my hometown. Comes in small glass bottles. Spread using a soft cloth.. outlines, i use charcoal pensil / stick / or if i’m plain lazy, black sketch pens.

  3. lovely blog shruti……appreciate your work…u r truly talented….will keep in touch for more info from u…

    Hey vasuda!! thanks for dropping by.. I am humbled. I saw your charcoal paintings n was really excited. so left the link.

  4. Beautiful paintings. I loved all your charcoal works. Do you paint on paper or canvas?

    Thanks. Its kind of a rough canvas.. Its called charcoal paper and is available in leading stationary stores. 🙂

  5. Hopped into your blog through others’ blogs. Must say that you paint really well. Even I love painting but have never tried my hands at painting such things. You have a nice blog here. Blogrolling you 🙂

  6. Wow! These are so beautiful Shruti. You have made them so professionally!!! When I come visiting to Bangalore.. can you teach me 🙂

    I used to learn fabric painting from one teacher ‘Aruna’ near my house in Jayangar when I was a kid. She had also painted the Heer Ranjha and seeing it here took me back to those wonderful days…

  7. WOW. I spent all morning reading up your two blogs. You are such an inspiration.
    You just earned yourself an ardent fan and follower.

    @Lakshmi 🙂 Thanks a lot. My camera went kaput last year and since then, i just couldn’t be inspired to update this blog. Now I havea new 1 so hopefully will satrt again. Thanks for dropping by & for ur encouragement