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The office demo went off well 🙂 It was an important initiative that I was working on for the last 6 months. I got an award ( & lots of $$) for it yesterday – Most valued performer for our Business Unit..Its given to a select few from our world wide offices and I am the first QA person to receive it.  .. Its a big deal.. I’m now ‘phamous’

Awards are not new to me.. I have an award for each year of my career.. My resume almost looks fake. I just wish I had got that promotion though..

I know I’m gloating about it.. but this blog is a place where I can be me and share what matters to me.. As a working mother I feel torn between office and Lil p .. There are days when things are so frustrating that I want to give it all up.. But I’ve been lucky to have supportive parents, inlaws and husband. And times like this, it feels great to get that pat on my back..

I also got baking  yesterday and wanted to do a yummy tummy post.. anyway, better late than never..  We baked the  

Apple Raisin Muffin
apple raisin muffin 1

 Lil P helped me with all the mixing and measuring and pouring.. it was so much fun..Our  muffins were not great .. cos we did jumble up a bit.. and they needed to cook for some more time.. The recipe was for a cake but we wanted muffins. We had only 2 eggs and 2 apples. But Lil P loved it,  so alls well.. This Saturday I’m going to try something fool proof.. no experiments.

I’ll maybe skip the Book Worm Friday this week.. or maybe have it for Saturday..  and I need to come up with a  new artsy craftsy too.. Phew so much work.

Don’t forget to check out all the giveaways happening this week for the Heart Project.. Remember all you need to do is leave a comment and spread some love.

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  1. you rock Shruti.. Congratulations on the award.. way to go.. do you have any idea to move to WP? I have limited access to comment on blogpost and that’s most of times stopping me from commenting on our blog 🙁 hope LilP is fine now.. take care

  2. awesome awesome awesome…congrats on the award…you are already phamous babes…you got printed in ‘timeout mumbai’ and then congrats again for the every year award…you must be really cool..and then again congrats on the muffins 🙂

    Totally proud here

  3. @Ani – I thought about it a couple of times.. but I’m too in love with the template rt now and shifting to WP means I lose out on that. Isn’t the anon / Name URL option working for you?
    @R’s Mom- U are too good for my Ego. 🙂 Hugs.
    @Esther – Looks can be deceiving 😉
    I will share your post tomorrow. A Book Worm saturday this week.
    @varsha – Thank you 🙂
    @Musica – isn’t it? I wonder why .. As a QA I contribute equally to a project as much as any1 else. But I’m glad I set an example..
    AA_Mom – Thanks 🙂
    @Crafts island – thanks 🙂