Origami Flowers – Gift for friendship’s day

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Origami flower friendship day gift

Sorry. The pics are a bit overexposed.. We made Origami “tulips” .. [The kids called them lotuses] ..
Anyway, You’ll need

  1. 1 6×6″ square
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue
  4. 1 pipecleaner

To make

  1. Fold the square into  half to form a rectangle
  2. Fold it again to form a square
  3. Cut out a heart shape. So now you have 4 same sized hearts
  4. Stick a pipe cleaner between two hearts to form the center . Ensure that pointy side is up [ upside down heart]
  5. Fold the other 2 hearts in half  and slightly bend backwards.
  6. Now stick each on either side
  7. Add your note at the bottom and gift the flower to your best friend…

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