Painted Spoons – 0ne ok-ok & one Epic fail..

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On one trip to Preethiโ€™s shop, I coaxed Monika to buy two spoons made from Buffalo horn.. They were Black and very smooth and shiny. I very excitedly told her, Iโ€™d like to try painting them.. Well I have to learn that not all my DIY projects can turn out stunning. I sometimes surprise myself! too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Of the two spoons, this one turned out OK OK.  Iโ€™m sure Monika will like NOT like it though.. I am neutral to it. Not thrilled. .. Its got the same design both back and front..some kind of hieroglyphics scriptures ..

painted spoon

Now for the Epic Fail โ€“ The fish shaped spoon. This looked soooooooooo much better unpainted.. Ugh.. I reduced it to a freaking joke..  Sigh. The pic is a front and back pic. opposite colours.


Monika, err, umm.. Its time I bought you new spoons.

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