Paper Plate Bubble Wrap Octopus

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Paper+Plate+Octopus 001

 The Googly eye mania still prevails.. Lil p saw this craft on CBeebies – Mister maker and wanted to make it for herself..

We used- 
1. A paper plate
2. Bubble wrap
3. Glue
4. Red acrylic paints
5. Googly Eyes


 Method –
1. Cut the bubble wrap in wavy  patterns to make 8 tentacles
2. Paste or staple to the underside of a paper plate.
3. Color the body of the octopus red or pink using a sponge
4. Once dry, paste on googly eyes…


In the above picture, The eyes were supposed to be much larger and placed at the bottom .. very near to the tentacles But Lil p wanted to have it her way… Since the paper plate was a bit silvery, the octopus looks shiny 🙂 and so the octopus has been renamed shiny .. Each doll has a name.. that is a separate post in itself..

The Octopus is out exploring the world and was seen talking to Lil p in animated voices.. He is cute isn’t he?
What do you think?

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