Pingu Penguin – Potato block print

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The Artsy-Craftsy-June is on and I’m just as excited as you guys. I had seen these cute lil fellas here and was waiting to try it with Lil P. As this was our first tryst with potatoes and food carving, we decided to have a trial round on paper and if they turn out ok, make cards with them.  What do u think?? These are done by Lil P with very lil help from me.
In lil P’s words “Mamma penguin with lil penguins.
Color color flowers
Penguins at school
Here’s the potato block.
Also, Trish is having a fab giveaway at her blog. All you have to do is, leave a comment there.
Check her post to win a cute crochet birdie
I have finally put up the Artsy-Craftsy Wall of fame 🙂 Do check that out too.

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  1. WOWWW how cool is this!!! Very nice! We did some of these block prints a few months back..but I don’t have pics..will do some more now..:)