How to make a simple pom pom caterpillar craft

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How to make a simple pom pom caterpillar craft


Made these cute Caterpillars for the ItsyBitsyBlog today. Do check them out and let me know what you think.

Materials Used –

  1. Foam sheets in assorted colours
  2. Pom poms – In 2 sizes – Large & small.
  3. Pipe cleaners
  4. Foam circle cutouts in various colours
  5. Craft stickers
  6. Straws
  7. Strong Glue – like fevicol / glue gun.
  8. Googly Eyes
  9. Single hole punch
  10. Scissors
To make,
First Make sure you have all materials on hand.


IMG 5108
Using scissors, roughly cut the foam sheet into long rectangular strips about 2 inches wide. We cut along the long edge of an A4 foam sheet.
IMG 5112
Then we did an accordion fold along the velvety edge and pressed really hard to form a zig zag shape.
After that,  we used a paper  punch to make holes in the center of each fold.
Using a long pipecleaner slowly string it through end to end. Children would need help to do this step.
IMG 5113
At home we strung a pipecleaner through the holes as it was tough for the kids to string in a straw.
But you can try whichever is easier for your kid.
IMG 5114
We first stuck the big pom pom as the face. Added a nose & googly eyes.
Then we twisted a pipe cleaner as an antenna. Stuck two pom poms atop the antenna and then stickers on the back.
You can modify as you wish. Use pom poms instead of stickers.
IMG 5138
Hope you enjoyed this simple craft and will try out more options. In this fun preschool arts and crafts activity, your child will create a cute and colorful caterpillar using pom poms, googly eyes, and a pipecleaners. Use this a story prop, as a pencil topper  or just as a fun toy to hang in your room.
Also, don’t forget to leave a comment here with suggestions. I would love to get your feedback.

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