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I totally forgot the PTM that was scheduled for 5th March.. I really need to buy a new Mobile!! ASAP.
When it comes to technology I take a longggggggg time to decide. Ok coming back to the PTM, the school kindly rescheduled it for today. Here are the good points.. Shes very articulate & can express her thoughts quite clearly. She has started taking interest in new (unfamiliar) activities and food stuff. She loves all mental mathematics and loves counting, subtracting & other mathematical concepts. She is very quick to understand logical sequences [ Ascending / descending / counting in 10s, 5s] She loves to mingle with other kids & has animated conversations with them. She is also very good at language. In all a very intelligent and caring kid.

Now the points to improve – She needs to develop interest towards writing. Compared to the rest of the class, she shows reluctance to write alphabets. They have started small letters and capital letters and that needs to be practiced each day.

Plus the main concern is that Lil p is very very sensitive. She wants to sit on the 1st bench every day, and if the teacher asks her to change places she is very upset by that and cries easily. Even while dealing with other kids, she gets immensely upset when someone says something to her in a harsh tone. She also has become a little naggy (my words not the teachers) when she doesn’t have her way.

Hmmm… So I need some creative ideas to get her to be more assertive and less sensitive. Any books that you guys recommend? Or psychological tactics to get her to be less weepy ??

Will post pics of stuff  she made this term in my next post.

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  1. books? tactics?..naaah..all you can do is to talk to her and ask her why she thinks it is so important to sit in first bench. Once you know their way of thinking and explain the logic for doing/not doing such things they are easy to deal with.It works. May be you can tell her, everday one child want to sit in first bench and she can take turns to sit or something so that the fright of loosing the first bench is not lost. Same thing goes to other things. Children change every 3-6months, you just have to wait and have patience. Atleast I do this with my son. I dont argue that he is wrong (not hurts his ego), I listen his thoughts and suggest him alternative. Phew..parenting is a challenging task.

  2. Aww…she sounds like a cutie pie. Don’t worry abt sensitivity and stuff…that will change with age and constant reassurance from parents. My lil N is the same way and cannot take harsh words from anyone. If I compare her to all her friends, she may be the MOST sensitive. But I don’t see any tactics other than straight talk like what LG said. Try and understand them first and there is always a reason behind why they choose to do the things they do. Hugs to lil P.

  3. Thats such a good report on Lil P, you must be so proud.
    Talking to our kids about feelings is so important right? Empathy is something that takes time. Be patient, she is a wonderful kid! πŸ™‚

  4. Intelligent and sensitive πŸ™‚ Its a combo that needs to be handled gently! One to one talks will help I believe..but that too will take time :)so we have to be patient..
    Weepy, naggy are just part of the phase I believe. Dont worry too much..though I know it gets on the nerves often.

  5. Talk talk talk… that’s the best solution. I visited a counsellor once for some issues about the kids and she suggested we help them articulate feelings. As in you ask her what she feels when she sits at the back.. neglected/ignored, insecure etc. Once you know what she feels you can help her overcome her fears.

    Another thing she told me… tell them stories based on animals who had similar shortcomings and then overcame them to become happier people. As in maybe you could make up a rabit who cried when the lion cub spoke to him badly… then one day he decides to take on the cub and instead of crying he asks the cub to speak nicely or he wouldn’t be friends be with him.. Oh I know the story has huge holes but this is just off the top of my head. It worked like a dream for my twins. You have to tell the story over and over and over again till she identifies with the rabbit.

    By the way Lil P seems like a real sweetheart.. don’t bother about the writing bit… she’ll come around. Hugs.

  6. Nice report.
    yeah like the others already mentioned, I think this can be handled with some straight heart to heart talks with little P.
    The intelligent girl that she seems to be,I am sure she will soon realize that being overly sensitive is not the way to go.

  7. @LG: Sigh. Ya! she says she likes to be first always. No idea why shes so competitive.. we are the most laid back (lazy) parents ever!
    @Divs: I hope its a phase.
    @Uma: Yessssssss!! πŸ™‚
    @Priyanka: patience.. πŸ™‚ thats running low these days.
    @Priya: We have been telling her its ok to let others win sometimes. and that we are a happy family .. seems to b working.
    @OM: I’m away the whole day so I know the kiddo is missing me and tries all tactics to have my attention. The animal story is good. have started trying it. She loves goldilocks n 3 bears story.. so goldilocks has now started a different adventure πŸ˜€
    @BC: I hope so too πŸ™‚