Rakhsha Bandhan

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 We went to visit Hubby’s cousin who has 2 pretty love birds – Neelima & Sundari.. They practically have a room to themselves and are allowed to fly about in the whole house. Lil p was so fascinated by them.. what they ate, why they were not eating, how do they know they are thirsty, why are there sticks in the cage? how do u know its a boy or a girl? why they don’t have nests? Had a fun time answering her questions and relaxing .. she now wants pets! so we will be buying a fish bowl this Sept.

Then we went to meet my cousin to see P’s Lil Brother – Raaghav
He is an year old already and talks a lot.. Well we did aarti to him but he refused to get the rakhi tied.. Lil p was a little disappointed but it soon disappeared when moni maushi gave her a lovely purse as a gift. Thank you maushi.. The purse now holds all her precious color-color clips.

We also bought our first DSLR  a Canon 550D with kit lens + a 50mm f1.8 lens from Foto circle, Bangalore.

Canon EOS 550D DSLR


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