Rottikallu & Jenukallu – Bangalore to Sakleshpur

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Being 30+ is so liberating.. I was really tensed about turning 30 last year .. n Hubby had gone out of the way to make it special..This year I wanted my birthday to be peaceful ..and something that celebrated us. [more so because Lil P is at my mom’s enjoying her holidays..]
Someone suggested Sakleshpur and off we went to the land of rolling hills .. Since it was a last min booking we had to book a one night stay at Rottikallu resort and another at Jenukallu resort.

At the Rottikallu Resort 
Sakleshpur 1


 It was so much fun at this place.. really friendly staff, a homely atmosphere, and quaint rooms. The whole setup is so basic n yet cozy. I loved the banana leaf malnad special meals and the guzzling stream that runs bang in the middle of the resort. They have some fun stuff  there – some rope swings to swing between banks, feet touching the stream.. being kids again. n Those lazy tubes.. ahhh bliss.We splashed around like little children.. . enjoying some shade under the jamun & mango trees. The treks were awesome.. some of the best views n trekking spots can be reached from here. Awesome, awesome food.

One word of caution though – Its tough if you take small kids here. No room service, no restaurant, no fan or mosquito nets in the room.There is no mobile network coverage either.

At the jenukallu resort
The difference between the two resorts is hugeeeeeeeee!! we moved from a homestay to a resort. The rooms were really spacious.. bathrooms gorgeous. 24/7 hot water supply &  100% network coverage[ airtel]. while rottikallu scored in its location and natural habitat, Jenukallu is more suited if you are taking small kids or elders with you. The food is catered to a more wider audience, there are tents put up in the dining area , a 7 step obstacle course, an artificial customized waterfall, chess and carrom.. 
Now the funny part was that we were already missing the privacy of the water stream at rottikallu.. and did not expect much from jenukallu’s man made “open shower” .. But it really was fun. They have made a small pond among some rocks and kept 3 sprinklers on all 3 sides.. Now the pressure can be controlled and it ranges between  a rain shower to a roaring waterfall.. [ that almost washed away hubby’s trunks off him .. hehe] 
We just enjoyed the serene surroundings, sitting out on the open hilltop dining area watching the myriad colors of the sunset over the undulating hills of the Western Ghats while sipping freshly brewed coffee.
What else did we do in Sakleshpur? 
There is lot of stuff to do.. or you can choose to just relax and do nothing.
Its a trekkers paradise. I believe you can spot many birds here too. The waterfall, temple n fish breeding ponds are nearby and you will need half a day by car. . Early morning treks are best and its really misty. Majarabad fort is after sakleshpur and can be viewed on your way back to Bangalore. [There are more than 280 steps to climb] 
Some tips again  
  1. Fill up Diesel at Kunigal. In case of emergency, you get loose diesel at Sakleshpur Town. 
  2. When you go visiting Bettada Bhaireshwara temple, carry a bread loaf  with you. Its really fun to feed the fish in the pond nearby.. those catla fish jump a foot out of water to catch the crumbs. I’m sure Lil P would have loved this.
  3. Don’t forget to take your binoculars and a  camera with a good zoom.
  4. In May, carry a good sunscreen, torch and mosquito repellents at all times. The heat is high, and there are frequent power cuts. 
  5. This region records some of the highest rainfall in India and might not be visitable during the monsoons. 
At Sakleshpur,  endless fields of paddy kiss the sky disappearing into the horizon. Thick growth of Robusta coffee plants interspersed with pepper vines and fruit trees give you your first glimpse of this tropical paradise. We saw pineapples, mangoes, jamuns, gauva, wildberries, elaichi, areca and banana. 
Away from hustle-bustle of city life, Sakleshpur offers you fresh air, clear thoughts and a relaxed mind along with the most beautiful sunsets creating the perfect backdrop for a weekend getaway.

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  1. Lovely! I hope to visit this place someday. Thanks for the details.

    I can relate to the apprehension of reaching 30s, i also hit 30 last year and i am already nervous about my birthday coming up in July this year!

  2. Jenukallu!Went there when I was carrying BB.Fell in love with the lush green paddy field, coffee estates and the clean clean air. Bought some farm land there very close to the Betta byreshwara temple.Now we visit the place once in 2-3 months :)Did you meet the priest at the temple? We stay at his place everytime we visit.

  3. Wow! You’ve sure had a fun time this birthday!!
    Very Belated b’day wishes Shruti 🙂
    Beautiful pics 🙂

  4. @LG : 🙂 Yup.. it was very relaxing
    @R’s mom: 🙂 Thank u
    @Simran: 🙂 u should try rottikallu next time u go.
    @Creativemama: ohh ya! 30 was scary.. I had big goals to reach before i turned 30.. n now thinking abt it, it doesn’t feel so important. My approach has become so much more relaxed.
    @Bubble catcher: ohhhhhhhhhh!! awesome 🙂 we met him but just did small talk.
    @Priya: Super fun. 🙂 Thank u for the wishes.
    @DilSe: Thank u 🙂
    @Swaram: Yup.. 😉

  5. Hi…Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences in both the resorts…We (3 couples and 1 infant) are planning to do a trip to Sakleshpur in the 2nd or 3rd week of May and we are confused between these 2 resorts – Jenu Kallu and Rotti Kallu….Which one would u suggest?? Is May a good time to visit these places??

    Looking forward to your reply. Many thanks in advance.

  6. @Rajan: sorry I saw this today. 🙂 If there are kids / infants I would recommend jenukallu. The rooms at rottikallu are more rustic and insect prone.