Printable Diwali Themed Bingo


Celebrate the Festival of Lights with this fun and engaging bingo activity. Our printable features a beautifully designed bingo card with various Diwali-themed illustrations, such as traditional sweets, diyas, and fireworks, as well as Diwali-related words.

Playing bingo is a great way for children to learn about the customs and traditions of Diwali, as well as to improve their vocabulary and listening skills.

This activity is perfect for families and classrooms to play together and make the most of the Diwali celebration. You can also use it as a fun way to teach children about the festival, its symbols, and its significance.

Our printable is easy to print and can be used with markers, stickers, or even candy. It is suitable for children of all ages and abilities, making it a great activity for the whole family to enjoy.

Don’t wait, download and print your Diwali-themed Bingo Printable today and celebrate the Festival of Lights in a fun and interactive way!

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Enjoy this festive bingo party game with family and friends! Your download will include play instructions, 6 unique Game Cards which you can print out for each player, and 1 Call Sheet. Each picture on the card sheet has a picture that describes an element of Diwali and Indian culture, making it an educational activity for kids too!

12 Diwali Themed calling cards, 6 Bingo Boards, 1 PDF


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